The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

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MHSD of Kazakhstan to clarify questions of compulsory medical insurance in rural areas

06 May 2016, 20:17

The Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan will set up working groups to explain the rules of introduction of compulsory health insurance in the districts and regions, the head of department Tamara Duysenova said during a visit to medical and social institutions for the elderly and disabled of Astana.

"We have prepared a road map to explain the introduction of compulsory health insurance. Given the fact that the lHead of State instructed to clarify rules to every citizen, we are expanding the scope of explanation, " she said.

The Minister clarified that the work of explaining the rules will now be carried out at the level of regions, districts and villages.

"Before that we have worked with NGOs, associations, health organizations, and now we will work at the regional level, districts, villages. This will create our working group that will work in this direction. We will expand the road map,” Duysenova said.

The Minister also added that the moratorium on amendments to the Land Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan was announced in order to find a consensus with the people of Kazakhstan.

"As for the moratorium announced yesterday by the head of state, I want to say that this is international experience. This is an opportunity to attract investment, as well as for proper and efficient use of land resources," the head of the MHSD of the RK stated.