— Zhenis Kassymbek said that the MID RK is taking measures to develop small aircraft. So, for today in the pilot mode work is under way to create a new carrier in the field of small aircraft. It is planned to build 16 local airfields.

— In addition, the minister told about the opening of new international routes.

— Zh. Kassymbek announced data on the allocation of land for IHC in 2017 and the plan for 2018, and also explained the procedure for the allocation of these sites. The Minister also commented on the criteria for the developers of housing under the Nurly Zher program.

— Kairbek Uskenbayev answered the question about unfinished objects. He explained that there are almost no unscrupulous developers in Kazakhstan in the framework of the state program. There is only one questionable object in Taldykorgan. Now there is a lawsuit on it.

— Lyazzat Ibragimova said that in 2017, 275 billion tenge was received from depositors in Housing Construction Savings Bank. Over 41728 loans were issued. Of these, 4549 depositors of the bank purchased housing under the Nurly Zher program. 1051 people received housing loans, that is, they managed to save 50% of the cost of housing in the HCSB. The remaining 3488 people received preliminary and intermediate loans. These are investors who accumulated 30% of the cost of housing and received for the remaining amount on credit with an annual rate of 5%.