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System-forming enterprises of Karaganda region actively use technologies of KSTU — A. Issagulov

09 October 2017, 13:00

Following the Expo-2017 exhibition, new educational sections on the study of modern energy-saving technologies were introduced in Karaganda State Technical University. This was announced by the First Pro-rector of the University Aristotle Issagulov during a press conference in the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Rector of KSTU informed that within the framework of Expo-2017 a memorandum was signed between the university and the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences for cooperation in the field of academic and scientific exchange, as well as the development of joint research in the field of alternative energy.

In addition, according to the results of the exhibition, a series of special lectures were prepared for students of the specialty "Electric Power Engineering", including: "Prospects for using the achievements of alternative energy in the framework of Expo-2017", "Germany's experience in the application of solar power systems", "Energy and its development in the countries of Europe within the framework of Expo-2017", and "Application of modern energy-saving technologies presented at Expo-2017 in the conditions of Kazakhstan".

Developments of the Vaisala Finnish company "Air Quality Transmitters" AQT 410, 420, WXT 530 are planned for application in the masters’ training process for creating a laboratory base for automated monitoring systems. In addition, it is planned use the developments in the training of specialists in the areas of "life safety and environmental protection", as well as "construction" and "transport construction".

Also, in the curricula of the narrow master’s course for SPIID-2 on the specialties "Power engineering" and "Automation and management" new sections have been introduced in the discipline on energy saving and renewable energy.

In addition, three innovative projects of KSTU scientists were presented at Expo-2017: hydrodynamic heaters GDN-45 for autonomous heat supply systems of buildings, steam electric heaters for negative pressure for the housing and communal services system, and equipment for protection against leakage currents RU-2M for mining and metallurgical enterprises complex. During the selection, the main attention was paid to the potential for their further commercialization and practical application.

It was noted that these developments are already being produced. For example, in the current year, 650 leakage current protection devices were manufactured and sent to mining companies in the country. Memorandums have also been concluded with the production companies of Finland and Slovakia.

In general, the development of KSTU presented at Expo-2017 is actively introduced into the educational process, and is also used in mining enterprises, in state and private organizations of the country.

It was also noted that the faculty and students of the university in the number of 3,600 people and 39 volunteers participating in the exhibition received an impetus to further research in the field of alternative energy and the creation of start-ups for the introduction of new technologies.