Measures to protect strategic life support facilities from floods strengthened in Uralsk

In the West Kazakhstan region strengthened measures to protect the facilities of life support systems. In particular, in Uralsk, a set of flood control measures was organised at the facilities of Batys su Arnasy LLP, Zhaiykteploenergo JSC, as well as at the pumping station.

Earth ramparts and over 5,000 military personnel: West Kazakhstan region prepares for big water

In West Kazakhstan region measures are being taken to prevent large-scale flooding. The grouping of forces concentrated in the region for flood control works exceeded 6.3 thousand people. 

Government allocates funds to purchase houses for flood victims in Arkalyk

The Government decree allocated 405 million tenge from the emergency reserve of the Government to provide housing for residents of Arkalyk city, Kostanay region, who suffered as a result of floods. 

Olzhas Bektenov: over 10,000 servicemen mobilised to protect west regions from big water

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Olzhas Bektenov held a working meeting of the Republican headquarters for the coordination of flood control measures and elimination of consequences of floods. The main issue was the situation in the western regions, where the second wave of floods is expected. 

Olzhas Bektenov checks hydraulic structures condition considering forecasts of second flood wave in West regions

The Prime Minister, Head of the Republican headquarters for coordination of flood control measures and elimination of consequences of the flood period Olzhas Bektenov checked the progress of work and measures to fulfil the instructions of the Head of State in West Kazakhstan region. 


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