Prime Minister of Kazakhstan instructions to ensure strict control over commissioning of all houses in time

At the Government session Prime Minister Olzhas Bektenov instructed to ensure effective control over the legality of construction to solve the problem of long construction sites and timely commissioning of housing.

Reports of the Minister of Industry and Construction Kanat Sharlapayev, akims of a number of regions on work with deceived shareholders, the fight against illegal construction, utilisation of funds for the connection of engineering networks were heard. 

Currently, there are 39 problem objects with share participation in the country. They have been undergoing court proceedings for years. About 340 residential complexes are being built without permits and risk to be in the category of long-buildings. 

"The Ministry of Industry and Construction together with the regions should audit all the objects under construction for legality of construction and availability of documentation by 1 June. Based on the results of the audit, within a month we need to update the previously adopted Roadmap for the completion of problem objects. And most importantly - to ensure strict control over the commissioning of all houses on time," Olzhas Bektenov said. 

In addition, regional akimats have been instructed to analyse the prospective development of settlements to effectively address the most pressing problems of communication connections, provision of social infrastructure and others. 

Special attention was also paid to the issue of construction in nature protection and earthquake-prone zones. According to the results of the inspection in 2023 in Almaty more than 150 facts of violations in construction, mainly in the foothills were revealed. The issue of tightening construction control in seismic zones remains under control of the Government.

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