Yeraly Tugzhanov holds meeting on development of science

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Yeraly Tugzhanov held a meeting on the development of science with the participation of industry government agencies, scientific organizations and leading scientists.

The Deputy Prime Minister criticized the current state of the scientific sphere, noted the low productivity of scientific research, their weak influence on the development of the economy, the lack of proper relationship between science and production, and the low share of development work.

Yeraly Tugzhanov also pointed out the shortcomings of the system of financing science, the activities of national scientific councils, the process of selecting experts when conducting scientific and technical expertise.

The Deputy Prime Minister emphasized the importance of increasing the effectiveness of scientific research, enhancing their influence on the science intensity of production and the development of economic sectors, and correctly determining the priorities for the development of science.

The Deputy Prime Minister noted that it is necessary to develop specific measures to strengthen the scientific personnel potential, incl. by attracting Kazakh scientists working abroad.

Particular attention should be paid to the implementation of the instructions of the Head of State, voiced in the Address to the people of Kazakhstan, to improve the financing of science and the contribution of science to the development of the country.

Tugzhanov instructed to create a Working Group for the development of the country's scientific potential, develop a specific Action Plan, submit to the Government a draft Concept for the Development of Science, as well as speed up the work on amendments to legislative acts on science.

Having listened to the proposals of scientific institutions, scientists, the Deputy Prime Minister stressed that special efforts should be directed to solving personnel issues, supporting young scientists, attracting business funds to scientific projects, conducting complex interdisciplinary research to solve specific problems of the economy and social sphere.

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