Askar Mamin inspects progress of harvesting and forage preparation in Akmola region

Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Askar Mamin, as part of his working trip, inspected the progress of autumn field work in the Akmola region.

The harvesting campaign in Kazakhstan this year has begun on time, to date 11.8 million hectares of grain and leguminous crops, or 74.3%, have been harvested, 10.3 million tons have been threshed with an average yield of 8.7 c / ha.

The area of ​​spring sowing in the Akmola region amounted to 5 million hectares, incl. cereals and legumes 4.5 million hectares (an increase of 108.4 thousand hectares), oilseeds — 266.5 thousand hectares (+56.8 thousand hectares), forage crops including corn — 191.4 thousand hectares (+6.1 thousand hectares), potatoes — 20.6 thousand hectares, vegetables — 3.5 thousand hectares.

To date, 3.5 million hectares of grain and leguminous crops, or 78% of their total harvesting area, have been threshed in the Akmola region. Harvested over 2.8 million tons of grain with an average yield of 8 c / ha.

In preparation for the winter period, 1.2 million tons of hay or 95% of the planned volume, 176 thousand tons of haylage (72% of the plan), 43 thousand tons of silage (23%), 152 thousand tons (15%) of straw were harvested.

Under favorable weather conditions, the harvesting campaign is planned to be completed at the optimum time — by the end of September.

The Head of Government got acquainted with the autumn field work in the Zhaksyn region, the material and technical base of local agricultural enterprises, projects for the cultivation and cleaning of grain and fodder crops, as well as the expansion of production of meat and dairy products.

Mamin visited one of the production sites of Agrofirma TNK LLP, which consists of 15 enterprises and includes elevators, mills, feed and cereal plants, an agrochemical laboratory and a bakery. The total number of employees is 2 thousand people, the area of ​​agricultural land is 430 thousand hectares, the sown area is 200 thousand hectares, the volume of one-time storage on elevators is 500 thousand tons. The production capacity of flour is 350 thousand tons, compound feed — 80 thousand tons, cereals — 18 thousand tons per year.

As part of the control over the implementation of the project "Auyl - El Besigi", the Prime Minister inspected the social infrastructure facilities in the village. Zhaksy is an apartment building, a sports school and a shopping center.

The volume of gross agricultural output of the Akmola region for January-July 2021 increased by 11.9% compared to the corresponding period of 2020 and amounted to 154 billion tenge. The production of processed meat increased by 50.1% (47.1 thousand tons), sausages by 31.6% (1.6 thousand tons), dairy products by 1.9% (60.5 thousand tons).

Investments in fixed assets in the agricultural sector in January-July of this year amounted to 60.2 billion tenge, which is 2 times more than the same period last year.

As part of the development of the Food Belt around the city of Nur-Sultan in 2021, it is planned to implement 50 investment projects for a total of 41.7 billion tenge — the construction of feed yards, dairy farms, poultry farms, granaries and vegetable stores, complexes for the processing of agricultural products.

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