Askar Mamin on flooding in Turkistan region: Government will provide all necessary assistance to victims

At the government conference call chaired by Prime Minister Askar Mamin, the flooding of settlements in the Maktaaral district of the Turkistan region was considered.

Akim of Turkistan region Umirzak Shukeyev made a report.

Due to the flushing of a part of the dam of the Sardoba reservoir in the Syrdarya region of Uzbekistan and the discharge of water to reduce the level in the reservoir, border collectors of the Maktaaral district of the Turkistan region of Kazakhstan were filled with water. Due to the influx of water, there was a spill from the collector on the border of the Maktaaral district, which led to flooding of 631 houses in 5 settlements: Zhana Turmys – 46 houses, Zhenis – 130 houses, Firdousi – 250 houses, Orgebas – 194 houses, Dostyk – 11 houses. In the Maktaaral district, 3,600 hectares of sown area were affected, 85% of which was just sowed cotton. Since the beginning of flooding, 14 settlements with a total population of 30,581 people have been evacuated.

By order of the prime minister of Kazakhstan, government commission was created under the chairmanship of Deputy Prime Minister Roman Sklyar, which included the heads of central and local executive bodies.

“The commission will quickly assess the damage in five villages – Zhana Turmys, Zhenis, Firdousi, Orgebas, Dostyk, and then begin to restore the engineering, transport, social infrastructure and housing. The government will provide all necessary assistance to the victims,” said Mamin.

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