Alikhan Smailov urges to actively introduce international experience in combating counterfeiting

First Deputy Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov called on to actively introduce international experience in combating counterfeiting during the Anti-Counterfeiting Forum 2021. The organizers were the Eurasian Economic Commission, the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the International Anti-Counterfeiting Association.

The past International Forum, Anti-Counterfeiting-2021, gathered in the capital of Kazakhstan representatives of the World Intellectual Property Organization, government bodies, departments and organizations of the EAEU member states, the business community, the creative industry, marketplaces, as well as international experts and copyright holders.

The program includes 10 discussion sessions devoted to the problems of illegal turnover of industrial products, distribution of counterfeit and falsified goods, both in the Kazakhstan market and in the EAEU markets in general.

A special topic of discussion were the various aspects of counterfeit products: the protection of intellectual property rights on the Internet, the pharmaceutical industry, issues of certification, labeling and others.

As the First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov noted during his speech, today there is a trend in the distribution of counterfeit products, including in high-tech industries.

“Counterfeit has a purely negative multiplier effect. These are financial losses of entrepreneurs, a decrease in the cost of intellectual rights of owners, a deterioration in the quality of products, and, first of all, a threat to the health of the population,” Smailov said.

He sees the solution to this problem in international cooperation and exchange of experience in this area. Thus, these actions contribute to the protection of intellectual property rights, therefore it is important to consider such a challenge to the global economy as counterfeit, taking into account the best practices from around the world.

They also discussed the issues of protecting patent rights for medicinal products in the EAEU member states, access to medicinal products, as well as maintaining the Register of medicinal products with pharmacological activity of active substances protected by a patent for an invention.

The Forum participants took an active part in the discussions of the above issues, and also noted the high level of discussions and the diversified focus of the thematic sessions.

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