Alikhan Smailov received citizens in Republican Public Reception of Nur Otan Party

During the meetings, the issues of crossing goods and cargo across the state border of the Russian Federation to the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, sales of products of heated tobacco manufacturers, shortage of qualified personnel in the construction sector, state support for entrepreneurs were discussed.

Thus, Deputy Chair of the Public Council of the Nur Otan Party “Health of the Nation” Jamilya Sadykova asked about lobbying the commercial interests of heated tobacco producers.

It should be noted that since July 1, 2021, open demonstration of tobacco products, including products with heated tobacco (IQOS, GLO), hookah tobacco, hookah mix, tobacco heating systems, electronic consumption systems and liquids for them is prohibited. There is also a ban on all types of tobacco advertising.

However, manufacturers continue to advertise openly in chain grocery stores, restaurants and cafes.

First Deputy Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov instructed the Ministries of Healthcare, Trade and Integration to additionally inform large retail outlets and tobacco shops about the need to strictly observe the prohibition of advertising and of displaying all types of tobacco.

Smailov stressed that the changes made to the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On people's health and the healthcare system" are aimed at protecting young people, children from smoking and advertising cigarettes and other tobacco products, instructing to continue active work in this direction.

Sadykova noted that such a format of dialogue with the Government in practice shows the implementation of the concept of "Hearing State».

The issue of the lack of qualified specialists in the construction industry was raised by the President of the Association of Developers of Kazakhstan, Viktor Mikryukov.

According to him, today there is a deficit in relation to construction workers, gas cutters, installers and assemblers of metal structures, concrete finishers and grinders, electricians and in a number of other professions.

Smailov instructed the Ministry of Education to revise the existing and outdated training programs in educational institutions in conjunction with specialized associations. It is necessary to bring the state educational order taking into account the needs of the construction industry and other sectors of the economy.

First Deputy Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov gave a number of instructions to the relevant state bodies on other issues raised by citizens.

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