Alikhan Smailov instructs to conduct audit of healthcare system

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov held a meeting on improving the efficiency of the healthcare system.

The Head of Government criticized the system for coordinating and evaluating control over the effectiveness of allocated funds in the Ministry of Healthcare and the Social Health Insurance Fund.

In 2021, government spending on healthcare amounted to 2.3 trillion tenge, or 2.9% of GDP. At the same time, about 90% of the republican budget funds for health care are administered by the Fund.

The Prime Minister emphasized that all indicators of the Fund are too general and poorly reflect the real needs of the population for medical care, as well as medical organizations to meet them. In this regard, Smailov instructed to develop a clear system of indicators for the effectiveness of spending funds and monitoring the Fund's activities.

“Today, 100% of medical services in the regions are financed from the Fund, which leads to the dilution of responsibility for organizing medical care for the population. This was especially evident at the end of last year, when problems arose with the financing and organization of the ambulance service in the cities of Almaty and Zhanaozen,” Smailov said, instructing to start a phased transfer of funding for the guaranteed volume of free medical care to the local level.

The Head of Government noted that the Social Insurance Fund needs to gradually move away from the administration of public funds, focus on the development of insurance medicine and the search for additional sources of funding.

The Prime Minister instructed to conduct an independent comprehensive technical audit and inventory of the healthcare infrastructure as soon as possible, including the provision of equipment and medical and technological systems, to develop a map for the development of the medical infrastructure of the regions in such priority areas as motherhood and childhood, oncology, traumatology, cardio-, neurosurgery, infectious diseases.

Alikhan Smailov noted the need to develop a program for postgraduate training of medical personnel, to provide the healthcare system with personnel who can work with modern equipment and master new technologies.

The Head of Government instructed the Ministry of Healthcare, together with the authorized bodies, to take measures to improve the management system, investment planning, financing and interbudgetary relations of the industry as soon as possible.

“The main task is to form an effective healthcare system. All proposals should be included in the Government Action Plan for 2022, the development and approval of which is nearing completion,” Smailov summed up.

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