Alikhan Smailov participates in meeting of Interdepartmental Commission on foreign trade policy

At the meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission on foreign trade policy and participation in international economic organizations under the leadership of the First Deputy Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov, in order to respond to inflation and support the domestic economy of the country, decisions were made to establish a number of bans on the export of goods, as well as raw materials required for the production of finished products.

In order to stabilize domestic prices for meat and meat products, as well as to increase the livestock of farm animals, the Government of Kazakhstan is extending the ban on the export of breeding stock of cattle and small cattle.

Due to the lack of raw materials in Kazakhstan, today the enterprises of the cardboard and paper industry in the country use recyclable paper, cardboard and waste paper as raw materials. In this regard, in order to prevent a shortage of raw materials in the domestic market, the Government will also introduce a temporary ban on the export of such goods from the country for 6 months.

It was also decided to restrict the export of chipboard and fibreboard in order to support domestic entrepreneurs - manufacturers of the furniture and woodworking industry in Kazakhstan.

In order to eliminate the deficit in the domestic market and ensure the stabilization of prices for gasoline, diesel fuel and some types of oil products, the Government will extend the ban on the export of these goods.

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