Alikhan Smailov and Roman Sklyar discuss Ekibastuz

First Deputy Prime Minister Roman Sklyar, who was in Ekibastuz on Sunday, December 4, reported by phone to the Head of Government Alikhan Smailov on the elimination of the consequences of the accident at the city heating networks.

The Deputy Prime Minister said that as of the morning of December 4 the work continues on 11 residential buildings in Districts 5A, 5B and 6. The degree of readiness is high, thus their heat networks (basements) are expected to be connected till the evening. At the same time, radiators and supply lines are being replaced in these buildings. Heat supply to the flats is expected to start in the evening.

He also added that in general, houses already connected where there is a need to replace internal utilities - sewerage pipes, water supply pipes, etc., remain under control.

"No major organisation involved will leave these houses until the work is fully completed. A total of 484 people are currently involved. We have completely reformatted our work, it is carried out around the clock," Roman Sklyar said.

The Prime Minister stressed the need to finish all the work as quickly as possible and provide the residents with heat.

"Keep working. We need to connect the heat to all the remaining houses as soon as possible, because people have been living without heating for a week. No one should be left without help and attention from the state," Alikhan Smailov said.

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