Alikhan Smailov chairs Economic Demonopolisation Commission meeting

The Government held a regular meeting of the Economic Demonopolisation Commission chaired by Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov.

The participants discussed the return of industrial assets to state ownership and measures to demonopolise certain areas of freight rail services.

The Prime Minister said that in order to make final decisions, the responsible state bodies should further elaborate the proposals voiced at the meeting, taking into account the economic interests of the country.

"The Head of State expects us to make weighted and fair decisions. Each case under consideration requires specific results. In this regard, I ask my colleagues to ensure qualitative development of the Commission's decisions within the allotted time frame," Prime Minister stressed.

In addition, participants heard a report on the implementation of Commission decisions in the current year. So, on the basis of 25 meetings 124 instructions have been given, 93 of them have been fulfilled to date, the rest are in the process of work.

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