Alikhan Smailov demands elimination of all detected violations at Altyn Orda market

Actual issues of Altyn Orda, the largest trading market in the country, were considered at a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov with the participation of the leadership of central government agencies, akimats of Almaty and Almaty region, General Prosecutor's Office, Agency for Protection and Development of Competition, Agency for Financial Monitoring, and other agencies. 

It was noted that the market accommodated more than 5 thousand trading places, and its attendance reaches about 50 thousand buyers a day. The market covers up to 40% of wholesale and 70% of retail sales of vegetables, meat and fruits in Almaty and Almaty oblast. The main suppliers of goods for it are domestic producers, as well as companies from neighboring countries.  

At the same time, given the large daily flow of products, an uncontrolled oligopoly on a regional scale is created in the market. As a result of inspections by the General Prosecutor's Office and state agencies, over 300 violations of the Republic of Kazakhstan legislation in the areas of sanitary, veterinary, environmental, water, labor, architectural and construction, fire, tax control, as well as in the field of protection of competition were revealed. 

According to the Almaty region's Akimat, the identified violations have been partially eliminated. At the same time the number of complaints from entrepreneurs on the unfavorable conditions of business, which ultimately leads to an unjustified increase in commodity prices, has increased. 

As a result of the discussion the Prime Minister stressed the need for a comprehensive response in accordance with applicable law. In particular, to bring the activities of Altyn Orda market in order and ensure transparency in the formation of prices ordered to organize public monitoring, as well as to create in its territory a permanent mobile group consisting of employees of the prosecutor's office, the Interior, Agency for Protection and Development of Competition, Agency for Financial Monitoring, and other authorized government agencies until the complete elimination of all violations.

At the same time, work will continue on creating alternative wholesale and distribution centers in the Almaty agglomeration, which will allow balancing trade flows and reducing the influence of the Altyn Orda market on pricing.

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