Alikhan Smailov demands to increase control over children safety in boarding and medical-social institutions

The situation with mass poisoning of children in Karaganda region was discussed off the agenda at the Government session chaired by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov. 

Minister of Healthcare Azhar Giniyat reported that out of 14 children who came from the Center for Special Social Services of Karaganda region, 6 children remain in the hospital today. All of them are in intensive care units. The condition of 4 of them is severe with some positive dynamics. The condition of 2 more children is extremely serious due to neurological deficit, intoxication syndrome and respiratory failure. Earlier 7 children were discharged in a satisfactory condition, now they are under the supervision of doctors.

Since the moment information about this incident was received, the Ministry of Healthcare has organized an emergency visit of leading national children's specialists (resuscitator, infectious disease specialist, pulmonologist, toxicologist). Intensive care was provided, and extended consultations of specialized specialists at the national and provincial levels were organized.

The Sanitary and Epidemiologic Control Committee continues anti-epidemic measures and investigation. Based on the results of preliminary epidemiologic investigation, data of laboratory and instrumental methods of research, the nature of the disease development - food group poisoning and infectious diseases are excluded. The more probable cause is acute poisoning with toxic substance of unclear genesis. Currently, a forensic medical examination is being conducted.

Prime Minister instructed to continue to provide the children with all necessary medical care, as well as to keep their condition under control even after discharge.

"The Ministry of Internal Affairs should thoroughly conduct investigative measures to identify the exact causes of the incident and the perpetrators," Alikhan Smailov said.

Head of the Government also appealed to regional akimats with a demand to strengthen control over the safety of children in residential and medical-social institutions.

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