Alikhan Smailov: High dynamics of construction industry development in Zhetysu region should be maintained

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov, within the framework of his working visit to Zhetysu region, inspected the activities of a number of infrastructure, industrial and social facilities in the region.

So, the Head of Government visited the Baskuat boiler room with a capacity of about 200 Gcal/hour, which was commissioned in 1981. Today, it provides heat to over 500 apartment buildings and 1000 private homes, 20 schools, 25 kindergartens, 10 hospitals and 90 administrative buildings. At the same time, taking into consideration the intensive development of Taldykorgan and the annual increase of load it is planned to modernize it by increasing its capacity up to 300 Gkal/hour and transferring the facility to gas.

Alikhan Smailov noted that the reconstruction of the boiler house will improve the quality and reliability of services provided to consumers, improve the environmental condition of the city and reduce the level of heat loss.

"The transition of this boiler house to gas is very important, as it will improve its performance and make a significant contribution to solving environmental problems. Akimat of the region needs to speed up work on the project. The government, for its part, will provide the necessary assistance," he said.

Then the Prime Minister got acquainted with the work of Taldykorgankabel, a large enterprise producing various types of cable and wire products. The plant supplies to all regions of Kazakhstan, as well as to Azerbaijan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Russia, Uzbekistan and a number of other countries.

In total, there are 514 industrial enterprises in Zhetysu region employing over 4 thousand people. Last year, the region produced industrial products worth more than 280 billion tenge and commissioned 17 new facilities. In 2023 it is planned to launch eight more projects with an investment volume of 24.4 billion tenge.

According to the Head of Government, it is necessary to stimulate the use of domestic products in the energy and engineering industries, as well as in the construction of facilities at the expense of the state. In this regard, the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development was instructed to elaborate the issue of making appropriate changes in the regulatory and legal acts.

In one of the districts of Taldykorgan, Alikhan Smailov visited a 60-apartment residential building built for citizens from the socially vulnerable segments of the population. He noted that at the end of 2022, there was a growth of construction works by more than 4% in the region.

"It is necessary for the regional Akimat to maintain this dynamics and to continue the effective implementation of the plans. However, it is important not to allow delays when bringing infrastructure to built-up areas," Prime Minister said.

During the visit Prime Minister also got acquainted with the work of a new medical and obstetric unit in the village Akshatogan. Since January this year local residents can get basic medical care and vaccinations there. In the next three years 118 more facilities of primary health care are planned to open in the region, including 59 medical facilities under "Modernization of rural healthcare" national project.

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