Alikhan Smailov holds Economic Demonopolization Commission meeting

The results of the inspection of a number of heat and power plants of the Republic were considered at the meeting of the Economic Demonopolization Commission chaired by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov.

The prosecutor's office inspected 11 private heat and power plants for compliance with legislation in the areas of heat and power engineering and natural monopolies. The inspection revealed systemic deficiencies and violations at some of the facilities. The equipment at each of the plants is in critical condition, which may lead to accidents during the heating season.

As a result of the discussion, the authorized bodies have been instructed to work with the owners to ensure major repairs and modernization of the stations. Prime Minister demanded to establish a specific schedule of works for 2023-2024 and to monitor their implementation. In case of violation of obligations, measures will be taken to return the stations to state ownership.

The Commission also discussed the issue of eliminating unproductive intermediary monopolists in the sphere of gas supply of large industrial enterprises of the country. State stakes in these companies, which have the relevant infrastructure, were previously transferred into private hands at an undervalued price. Subsequently, this led to monopolization of the gas transportation market and setting excessive tariffs for services.

Alikhan Smailov instructed the authorized agencies to work on the return of these assets to state ownership in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan as soon as possible.

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