Alikhan Smailov introduces new Akim of Astana

A meeting of Maslikhat deputies was held in Astana with the participation of Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov and the Head of the Presidential Administration, Murat Nurtleu.

Two candidates for the post of akim of the capital Berik Dzhakenov and Zhenis Kassymbek were presented for consideration of deputies. Alikhan Smailov read out a relevant letter from the President of Kazakhstan.

As a result of an open vote, 21 deputies voted for Kassymbek, 7 deputies voted for Dzhakenov. A total of 28 deputies took part in the meeting.

At a subsequent meeting with local activists, Alikhan Smailov noted that the city is actively developing, and the number of its residents has grown 4.5 times. The pace of construction has also increased: more than 10 million square metres of housing has been commissioned since 2019.

"In this regard, one of the main tasks of the akimat is to provide residents with quality drinking water, electricity and heat, as well as to address the issues of modernising social facilities," the Prime Minister said.

According to him, it is necessary to launch a complex of new sewage treatment plants, a number of power substations, CHP-3 and several gas-fired thermal power plants, to intensify work on the improvement of residential areas, and to complete the construction of all problem housing facilities.

Alikhan Smailov stressed that in recent years the load on the social infrastructure of Astana, in particular hospitals and schools, has increased manifold. In this connection, the state has taken measures to solve these issues. For instance, 24 schools of a new format for 44.4 thousand pupils will be opened in the capital within the new national project "Comfortable School".

As other important directions, the Prime Minister has identified the launch of major investment projects to create permanent jobs and favourable conditions for business activities.

"Small and medium-sized businesses should be the leading driver of economic growth. While Astana used to be a city of civil servants, it is now a city of entrepreneurs. One in three residents of the capital work in small and medium-sized businesses. In this connection we need to take measures to remove barriers for development of the business environment," he said.

The Prime Minister also stressed the need to increase the production of quality food, to address urgent environmental issues and problems with the functioning of storm water drainage.

"The work of local executive bodies should be based on an effective dialogue with the population and be aimed at further developing the capital and improving the well-being of citizens," Alikhan Smailov concluded.

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