Alikhan Smailov orders to deal with diesel fuel problem

At the Government session the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Alikhan Smailov, instructed to provide the domestic market with fuels and lubricants.

The Head of State noted that the supply of diesel fuel is disrupted in a number of regions.

"This rightly causes indignation among citizens. Why do such problems arise in the hottest period, when we are starting the harvesting campaign?" Alikhan Smailov appealed to the Minister of Energy.

In turn, Bolat Akchulakov said that all the resources will be distributed in the first place to agricultural producers and gas stations to cover the increased demand for diesel fuel. Remaining fuel for industrial enterprises and KTZ will be distributed in the second turn, and in case of shortage the necessary amount will be imported.

In addition, the Ministry has developed a draft decree on the establishment of differentiated prices for diesel fuel for transit transport and the perimeter of the border. Prices will vary depending on the residence, and the amount of consumption and type of transport.

Thus, the limit for the residents of Kazakhstan with a driver's license will be 100 liters of diesel fuel per day at the current price of 230-260 tenge per liter and 300 liters per day for trucks with the Kazakhstan registration. The rest of the group, as well as over these amounts of diesel fuel, will be released at 450 tenge per liter.

The Head of State, having heard the report, instructed the Ministry of Energy to take timely measures to prevent shortages in the domestic market of fuels and lubricants.

"It is necessary to undertake appropriate work with the owners of gas stations. Citizens should not suffer because of this. Bolat Uralovich, keep the situation under your personal daily control," the Prime Minister instructed.

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