Alikhan Smailov orders to strengthen water safety measures

During the Government session, The Prime Minister, Alikhan Smailov, instructed the Government to take measures to improve water safety.

The Prime Minister noted that the swimming season is at its peak, and non-compliance with water safety measures often leads to fatal accidents.

Only since June 1, 140 people, including 49 children, have drowned in the country's ponds. Compared with the last year, the number of water-related deaths has decreased by 42%, but the figures, according to Prime Minister, are still quite high.

"Therefore, we must take all measures to prevent such tragedies, especially those involving children," said Alikhan Smailov.

In this regard, the Prime Minister instructed the Ministry for Emergency Situations, in cooperation with the akimats to take additional measures to equip special places for swimming and to ensure the presence of rescuers.

Also Alikhan Smailov instructed to conduct wider explanatory work among the population and provide a clear indication of places where it is forbidden to swim.

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