Askar Mamin inspects implementation of investment projects in Karaganda region

As part of his working trip to the Karaganda region, Prime Minister Askar Mamin, as well as Chair of the Board of the world's largest bus manufacturer — Yutong Group — Tang Yuxiang (online), took part in the opening of a small-knot production line of buses and special equipment of the Yutong brand at the plant in Saran.

The project is being implemented by QazTehna LLP as part of a program to modernize the country's bus fleet. Until now, the plant has been producing buses using the DKD method. The launch of the CKD small-unit production line will expand the number of new jobs at the plant to 1,000 people. The capacity will be 1,200 buses and 500 pieces of special equipment per year. The level of localization of production will exceed 50%.

The Head of Government got acquainted with the development of the Saran industrial zone, incl. with the progress of the tire production project. The project is being implemented by KamaTyresKZ LLP with the participation of PJSC TATNEFT. The plant's capacity at the first stage will be 3.5 million multi-purpose tires annually, with subsequent increase to 9 million tires a year.

The plant will increase the level of localization of automobile production in the Republic of Kazakhstan and ensure import substitution of tires. At the same time, 40% of the products are planned to be exported. The project is scheduled for implementation in the 4th quarter of 2022. The project cost is 125 billion tenge.

The plant will create over 1,100 new highly qualified jobs. At present, the future employees of the enterprise, mainly from among the residents of Saran, are undergoing training at the tire enterprises of PJSC TATNEFT, with them Mamin talked to them via teleconference.

The Prime Minister was informed on the progress of work on the restoration of the residential area of ​​the RTI in the city of Saran — by the end of 2022, it is planned to commission 510 rental and office apartments for workers of enterprises and people who are in the queue for housing.

In Karaganda, the Head of Government visited Santekhprom LLP for the production of sanitary-technical equipment and heating devices. The enterprise annually produces 810 thousand units of sanitary products — bathtubs, sinks, pallets and radiators. As part of import substitution, it is planned to modernize the line for the production of steel panel radiators.

Mamin got acquainted with the activities of the concentration plant of Qaz Carbon LLP with a capacity of 2 million tons of coal concentrate per year. The enterprise complies with all necessary environmental standards.

In Ushtobe, Bukhar-Zhyrau district, Karaganda region, the Head of the Government visited Karaganda-Osetr LLP. The design capacity of the enterprise is up to 5 tons of caviar and 100 tons of marketable sturgeon meat per year. Until 2023, it is planned to increase the volume of production to 20 tons of caviar and 300-350 tons of sturgeon meat per year.

The Head of Government was presented an investment project for the construction of a feed mill for the production and processing of granulated enriched green feed for fish and farm animals. The capacity of the enterprise will be 365 thousand tons of products per year. The project cost is 27 billion tenge. The implementation period is 2021-2022. Up to 1,000 new jobs will be created.

In the villages of Aksu-Ayuly and Gulshat, the Prime Minister got acquainted with the progress of reconstruction of the Karaganda-Balkhash highways with a total length of 363 km and Balkhash - Burylbaital - Kurty - Kapshagai with a length of 583 km. The Head of Government instructed to ensure the opening of traffic throughout the projects this year.

Akim of Karaganda region Zhenis Kassymbek, Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development Beibut Atamkulov, Minister of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources Magzum Mirzagaliyev and others took part in the working trip.

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