Askar Mamin inspects progress of restoration in Arys and construction of facilities in Turkistan

In the course of his working trip to the Turkistan region, Prime Minister Askar Mamin inspected the restoration of the residential sector, educational and health facilities in Arys, as well as the construction of administrative, historical, cultural, and social buildings in Turkistan.

The first President – Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev and the Head of State Kassym-Jomart Tokayev pay special attention to the full restoration of Arys and ensuring stable life of the city.

In total, there are 8,637 houses in Arys; repairs were needed in 7,166. Currently, 97.4% of the work has been completed. Today, 433 houses are being rebuilt anew. There are 163 construction companies, more than 6 thousand workers and 286 construction equipments involved in the work.

During the inspection of urban small and medium-sized enterprises, the head of Government was informed that out of 536 business entities, 509 needed restoration. Currently, 316 business facilities have already begun to operate.

Prime Minister Askar Mamin visited the stadium, hospital, school, where he got acquainted with the progress of repais.

In addition, the Arys-1 railway station, which is a monument of history and architecture of local importance, was examined. On behalf of the president, the Government formed a commission, which included scientists, restorers, historians, representatives of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Akimat of Turkistan Region. According to the conclusion of the commission, the work carried out by the Samruk-Kazyna Fund to restore the Arys station does not violate its historical and architectural value. The prime minister was informed that the restoration of the station will be completed before the end of next week.

In Arys, there are a total of 66 social facilities, of which 62 are subject to major repairs and 4 to complete restoration. Currently, work has been completed at 45 sites.

Askar Mamin also inspected the construction of a new microdistrict in Arys, consisting of 50 residential semi-detached cottages for 100 families, whose houses were completely destroyed.

“We need to complete all the work in a timely manner, so that all conditions are created for residents,” Mamin said, instructing to tighten control over the quality of housing construction.

In Turkistan, the prime minister attended the opening ceremony of a new bus station, the throughput of which will be about 600 buses per day in various directions. It is expected that the station will serve daily up to 10 thousand passengers. The bus station was built to optimize traffic flows and improve the environmental situation in the regional center.

The head of the Government was informed about the progress in the construction of administrative, social, historical and cultural facilities. Askar Mamin visited the schoolchildren’s palace, examined the buildings of the akimat, media center, congress hall, Nur-Sultan Square, the First President’s park, the Olympic Reserve sports school, music school, the school’s palace with a swimming pool, the wedding palace, the Kazakh drama theater, the center public services, as well as a city park with attractions, a musical fountain, an amphitheater.

The prime minister also visited the construction site of the historical and cultural center being constructed, the Uly Dala Eli Center, and the Khoja Ahmed Yassaui Museum, the building of the National Center for Artisans of the Great Silk Road, visit center, Eastern Bath, regional scientific and universal library.

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