In 2021, 106 billion tenge allocated for development of villages under Auyl - El Besigi project — Aset Irgaliyev

The project "Auyl - El Besigі" has been implemented in Kazakhstan since 2019 in accordance with the instructions of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev given at the XVIII Congress of the Nur Otan party. Minister of National Economy Aset Irgaliyev said this at the government session chaired by Prime Minister Askar Mamin.

“The goal of the project is to improve the quality of life in the countryside by modernizing the infrastructure to bring it up to the parameters of new regional standards. To achieve this goal, measures are being implemented to develop social and engineering infrastructure, ensure the availability of social benefits and public services, and create a comfortable living environment for rural residents. Within the framework of the project, more than 3.5 thousand villages with development potential, in which almost 90% of the rural population of the country live, have been identified. In particular, 1,173 reference and 2,388 satellite villages have been selected,” Irgaliyev reported.

A pivotal village is a well-developed settlement with a developed infrastructure, which has transport connections and provides social benefits and services, incl. and for the population of satellite villages within a radius of 10-15 km. When selecting promising villages, a statistical analysis was carried out based on a preliminary sample of 156 parameters. It took into account the correct reflection of the coverage of the population, the possibility of placing public infrastructure, economic parameters, as well as the geostrategic position — the distance to large cities, rivers, railways and highways.

In order to implement the project, the methodology for determining the potential of villages was updated. According to the new methodology, the determination of potential is carried out in 4 blocks: demography, infrastructure, economy and geospatial position. When developing a new methodology, international experience was studied, in particular Canada, where there are also infrastructure gaps between regions.

“For the development of rural areas, measures were taken to invest in infrastructure, support small and medium-sized businesses, develop the agro-industrial complex, as well as build and renovate housing. In Canada, to improve the effectiveness of these measures, a cluster approach was applied, in which closely located villages are considered as a single economic system. For 2019-2020 within the framework of the current program documents at the expense of all sources, more than 12 thousand projects have been implemented in rural areas for a total amount of 618 billion tenge," the head of the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan explained.

In the field of housing and communal services, 1,225 projects were implemented to modernize 5.2 thousand km of engineering networks. In the field of social infrastructure development, 2,218 projects have been implemented. 1,213 schools and kindergartens, 234 paramedics stations, outpatient clinics and clinics, 596 clubs, houses of culture and libraries, 175 health and fitness centers and gyms were built and repaired. As a result of the implementation of 8,580 projects for the development of transport infrastructure, 9 thousand km of intra-village roads were modernized.

This year within the framework of programs worth 566 billion tenge, 6.5 thousand projects are being implemented aimed at the development of housing and communal services, social and transport infrastructure. As a result, 2,500 km of engineering networks and 5,000 km of intra-village roads will be modernized. 632 schools and kindergartens, 70 health care facilities, 300 houses of culture, clubs and libraries, 96 health and fitness centers and gyms will be built and repaired.

This year within the framework of the Auyl - El Besigi project, 106 billion tenge was allocated for the development of 480 villages. On Oct. 1, 2021, according to the financing plan, 50.6 billion tenge were transferred to the regions, of which 48.4 billion tenge, or 96%, were mastered. To date, there are examples of completed projects in some regions. So, in the village. In Uzynkol, Kostanay region, a sports and recreation center was built.

In the Pavlodar region in the village of Kyzylzhar, a medical outpatient clinic for 100 visits per shift was put into operation. In the Kyzylorda region, a medium repair of roads was carried out in the village. Zhalagash. In the Zhambyl region, a major overhaul of a school in the village of Aisha-Bibi was completed.

“Currently, more than 400 projects have been completed in the regions, the rest of the projects will be completed by the end of the year. In general, for 2019-2021 under state programs and at the expense of private investments, 1.2 trillion tenge was allocated for the development of rural areas. Over the next 4 years, 1.3 trillion tenge will be allocated, incl. within the framework of Auyl - El Besigi — 670 billion tenge," the minister informed.

In general, by 2025 inclusive, 3.5 thousand villages with development potential, where more than 90% of rural residents will live, will be covered. An integrated approach to rural development will significantly improve the quality of life and well-being of rural residents by 2025.

Thus, 100% provision of the rural population with water supply services will be achieved. High-speed Internet access will be provided for all rural residents. 24 million sq. m of housing in the countryside. 12 thousand km of engineering networks will be built and modernized.

95% of local roads will be in good condition. Construction and repairs will cover 10 thousand km of intra-village roads.

As part of improving the quality and accessibility of education in rural areas, it is planned to modernize 5,000 schools and build 315 new schools. Preschool education and training will cover 100% of children aged 3 to 6 years. All rural schools will be provided with qualified teachers.

Construction and modernization of 1,095 medical facilities will improve the quality and availability of healthcare services in rural areas. In order to create conditions for sports and creative development in the countryside, 1,719 sports facilities and 1,500 cultural facilities will be built and modernized.

In the field of the agro-industrial complex, 934 investment projects will be implemented in the amount of 4.5 trillion tenge. The involvement of 600 thousand hectares of new irrigated land into circulation will make it possible to create 70 thousand family farms. Labor productivity in agriculture will increase 2.5 times. The export of agricultural products will double, bringing the share of processed products to 70%. A stable increase in the income of 1 million rural residents will be ensured through the formation of 7 large ecosystems. 500 thousand jobs will be created.

“The implementation of Auyl - El Besigi gives a new impetus to the development of rural areas, providing a significant increase in the quality of life and well-being of the rural population,” Aset Irgaliyev said.

According to the akim of the Kostanay region, Arkhimed Mukhambetov, currently more than 360 thousand people or 42% of the region's population live in 520 villages. Based on the monitoring results, 258 villages with development potential were identified, in which more than 277 thousand people live, or 77% of the rural population of the region, incl. support villages — 86, satellite — 149, border — 23.

"Since the beginning of the implementation of Auyl - El Besigi in 38 villages of the region, where more than 159 thousand people live or 44% of the rural population, 14.4 billion tenge has been allocated for implementation 192 projects. In addition, new facilities allowed to create 1,429 jobs," the regional akim reported.

In addition, 18.7 billion tenge was allocated for the comprehensive development of villages within the framework of other state programs and the local budget, through private investment 4.4 billion tenge, which together ensures the creation of favorable conditions for the life of villagers. In this year out of 47 projects, 37 have been completed, the rest are being repaired according to work schedules. As of Nov. 1, development is expected in the amount of 4.1 billion tenge, or 69% of the annual plan.

This year, the following projects are being implemented:

  • overhaul of 2 secondary schools has been completed. As a result, the facilities meet all standards for the educational process. The renovation of the boarding school made it possible to create good conditions for the living and education of children from the nearest sparsely populated areas. Repair in other facilities continues, students are accommodated, study offline, there are no disruptions to educational processes;
  • to provide stable heat supply to social facilities, a modular boiler house was put into operation in the village of Amankaragai. In November 2021, construction of two autonomous boiler houses will be completed in the village of Karabalyk;
  • in order to improve the infrastructure and improve the road safety of rural residents, the average repair of 27 streets has been fully completed;
  • two modern sports and recreation complexes were opened in the villages of Uzunkol and Torgai, which will give a new impetus to the development of sports among rural residents.

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