Commodity interventions on vegetables begin in regions

This week the regions are starting to release stocks of socially important vegetables from the reserves of social and business corporations as part of the execution of the Prime Minister's instruction.

At the operational meeting held on 8 Feb under the chairmanship of Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Trade and Integration Serik Zhumangarin, the akimats were presented with the scheme of dispersal of stocks of socially important vegetables. According to First Deputy Trade and Integration Minister Arman Shakkaliyev, this week regional commissions will decide on holding commodity interventions first for onions, then for carrots, potatoes, cabbage with determination of volumes, prices, conditions and sale points. It is obligatory to use cash registers. The duration of commodity interventions is from February to April. One of the main conditions is that the retail price must be within the signed contracts.

According to the data specified by akimats, voiced by Deputy Minister of Agriculture Baglan Bekbauov, the stock level of onions in the country is 130%, for potatoes 118%, carrots 103%, cabbage 74%. It is important to note that the level of stocks recommended by the Ministry of Agriculture to the regions for purchase is calculated from the need in the off-season, which is 30% of the four-month consumption of the urban population. Thus, the regions can start scattering stocks of vegetables. 

"The Prime Minister has given a specific order to stabilize the situation with the prices for basic foodstuffs. The government has suggestions, and the main thing that is required now is discipline and execution. With regard to cabbage, I suggest those who have not yet secured their stocks, to contract in Kyrgyzstan at a low price, we can provide support through Qaztrade. In the meantime, immediately proceed to unloading of vegetable stocks," Serik Zhumangarin said, referring to the heads of akimats.

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