Government delegation headed by Yeraly Tugzhanov visits Korday district

Government delegation headed by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Yeraly Tugzhanov paid a working visit to Korday district, Zhambyl region.

Within the framework of the instructions of the Head of State, Tugzhanov got acquainted with the activities of the biopharmaceutical plant for the production of vaccines. At the plant, the vice premier, with the participation of the regional akim, the leadership of the institute, experts, held a meeting where the main issues of the plant were considered and ways of solving them were determined.

Also, the Deputy Prime Minister inspected the progress of construction of residential buildings for the employees of the institute. The provision of housing will create conditions for attracting qualified workers in the field of biological safety. Also, the delegation got acquainted with the progress of construction of a new sports and recreation complex for residents of the village of Gvardeisky.

At the same time, Tugzhanov visited the construction site of the House of Culture and a fitness center in the Otar village, built within the framework of the "Auyl - El Besigі" program for the development of mass sports. The complex is equipped with a playground, wrestling and gymnasiums, there are rooms for table tennis.

In general, the Deputy Prime Minister positively assessed the work being done to improve the social infrastructure of the Korday region.

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