Economic Demonopolization Commission: Damumed database transferred to Ministry of Healthcare

The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov held a regular meeting of the Economic Demonopolization Commission on Wednesday, May 17, with the participation of heads of central government agencies, the Prosecutor General's Office, the Agency for the Protection and Development of Competition, the Agency for Financial Monitoring and other agencies. 

It was noted that in implementation of the Commission's order the transfer of a 50% stake in the LPG storage park LLP to state ownership represented by the Atyrau Oil Refinery has been completed. A corresponding decision of the Specialized Interdistrict Administrative Court of the Atyrau Region came into legal force.

The Prime Minister has instructed to ensure the functioning of the enterprise in a normal mode and to continue work on the implementation of all necessary procedures arising from the decision of the court.

In addition, measures to develop competition in the market of information services in the health sector were considered. Today over 80% of the market is covered by Damumed system, which belongs to CIT Damu LLP. The lack of a full-fledged mechanism for data exchange between medical information systems at the national level has formed a non-competitive environment in the market, as a result of which Kazakhstan's health care organizations have difficulty transitioning from one medical information system to another.

In this regard, in execution of the order of the Commission on Demonopolization on April 27 of this year CIT Damu LLP gave the Damumed database to the Ministry of Healthcare to create a single republican repository of medical data based on the E-Densaulyk system under development and implementation of data exchange between medical institutions. This will allow third-party providers to provide relevant services to medical institutions on a competitive basis.

Alikhan Smailov noted the need to accelerate the work on creation of E-Densaulyk system and to prepare legislative amendments to improve the efficiency of regulation of this area.

The meeting participants also discussed the implementation of anti-monopoly response measures in the fuel and energy complex.

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