Employment centres transformation, digitalisation and increase of citizens' income: Alikhan Smailov chairs Ministry of Labour board meeting

Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov held an enlarged Board meeting of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population, which considered the results of the department's activities for 2022 and tasks for the coming period.

Head of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population Tamara Duisenova made a report on fulfillment of social obligations, implementation of programs on creation of new jobs and employment of citizens, settling disputes in enterprises, introduction of "Digital Family Map" and etc.

In his speech, Prime Minister said that the Government was constantly working to strengthen the social sphere: social obligations for the payment of pensions and benefits were carried out in a timely manner, measures to increase the income of working-age population were taken, low-income citizens were covered by targeted assistance and employment mechanisms, new digital tools and services were systematically introduced.

To comprehensively improve legislation in the field of social protection, a draft Social Code has been developed and submitted to the Majilis.

"This is a very important document, which defines the basic social rights of the people of Kazakhstan and will help improve the quality of life of our citizens," Alikhan Smailov said.

The Head of Government stressed that the Ministry of Labour together with other agencies should continue the gradual transfer of state support into a proactive format through the "Digital Family Map". In this regard, he instructed to ensure the integration of information systems of all government agencies with the new platform and to keep a constant check on updating the data in databases.

"We need to use the results of the analysis of the Digital Family Map to quickly respond on the spot and improve the social wellbeing of citizens," Smailov said.

According to him, the Head of State has outlined specific tasks to increase income and employment of the population, especially among young people. For example, at least 100,000 young people need to be employed by 2023 and young entrepreneurs should be given preferential loans at 2.5% per annum.

"Funds have been allocated, rules have been adopted, we need to ensure quality execution of these instructions. Specific indicators should be reflected in the development plans of government agencies and regional employment maps. At the same time the focus should be on the creation of permanent jobs," Alikhan Smailov said.

The Prime Minister also supported a pilot project to transform job centres. In addition to updating the structure, he said, it is necessary to switch to a motivational format for paying salaries based on results: the more people who find work, the higher the pay for the Employment Service's staff.

In addition, Alikhan Smailov noted the need to pay special attention to protecting the rights of Kazakhstani citizens working abroad, to improve the process of receiving jobs based on the "single window" principle, to introduce a system of professional certification of workers, as well as social protection of people with disabilities and citizens working in hazardous conditions.

"In world practice, accident insurance, apart from compensation, also includes preventive and rehabilitative functions. The weak work of financial institutions in involving the employed in the system of social insurance and pension provision draws attention. Therefore, the  Ministry of Labour along with the relevant state bodies and financial institutions are to work out the specific proposals," the Prime Minister stressed.

The meeting, which was attended by heads of ministries, akimats, deputies of the Majilis and the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, representatives of industrial federations and organizations, also discussed the development of social entrepreneurship, provision of special social services, ensuring industrial safety, implementation of regional programmes and others.

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