Epidemiological situation to be assessed according to number of those hospitalized with COVID-19

The Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Yeraly Tugzhanov held a meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission on Preventing the Spread of Coronavirus Infection in Kazakhstan. 

Representatives of central state bodies, regional leaders and representatives of NCE Atamekenparticipated in the work of the Commission. 

In Kazakhstan, the rate of coronavirus infection has increased 3.2 times over the past week. Up to 89% of cases are caused by people who are not vaccinated and who did not receive booster shots in the last 6 months.

The results of monitoring with visits to primary healthcare organizations of Nur-Sultan city for providing treatment to the population with COVID-19 were announced.

Monitoring conducted in 8 polyclinics of the city showed that in 12% of them (private medical organizations) the work of filter rooms was not organized, remote monitoring of patients with COVID-19 was not conducted, disinfection, mask mandate and social distance were not observed.

The Deputy Prime Minister Yeraly Tugzhanov instructed the Akimat of the capital to take appropriate measures against medical organizations that do not comply with the algorithm for managing patients with COVID-19. He also instructed to carry out similar checks in all regions.

Considering the level of vaccination, the properties of the circulating Omicron version and the readiness of the healthcare system, the current matrix for assessing the epidemiological situation has been updated with the replacement of the morbidity indicator with the indicator of bed occupancy per 100 thousand population divided into 3 zones: green, yellow and red.

The updated matrix will ensure the vital activity of the population and business facilities in the current epidemiological conditions.

Taking into account the updating of the matrix, approaches to restrictive measures imposing at a time when the epidemiological situation worsens have been revised.

Thus, when the region is in the green zone, but with an increase in the reproduction number, R, it is recommended to wear masks in enclosed places and public transport.

When the region enters the yellow zone:

  • shift the close contact people to remote work;
  • transfer employees with absolute contraindications to vaccination against COVID-19 who have been in close contact with a COVID-19 patient to remote form of work of;
  • cancel events conducted in groups in educational institutions (it is allowed to conduct events in groups);
  • ensure with the sanitary and disinfection regime at the facilities, daily wet cleaning and ventilation of premises at the facilities.

The use of medical face masks are recommended:

- in crowded places (airports, railway stations, bus stations, markets, shopping malls, shopping centers, theaters, cinemas, Public Service Centers, banks, sports events with spectators);

- in organized communities;

- in all types of transport (public transport, passenger air, railway, international bus transportation). 

Also, the Interdepartmental Commission was instructed to discuss the measures for transition to the red zone with NCE Atameken and relevant state authorities.

At the end of the meeting, Tugzhanov instructed state bodies and akimats to intensify work on vaccination and reimmunization of the population, as well as to conduct extensive explanatory work among the population.

In order to ensure the activity of business without restrictions, NCE Atameken is recommended to carry out work on vaccination coverage and timely revaccination of employees of enterprises, ensuring compliance with the sanitary and disinfection regime at business facilities.

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