Fulfillment of President instructions on Astana development discussed by Government

The measures to fulfill the instructions of the Head of State for the further development of the city of Astana were considered at the meeting chaired by Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov. 

Akim of the capital Zhenis Kassymbek reported on the development of new policy documents, including the general plan of development of the city until 2035, the programme of renovation until 2030 and a single concept of landscaping.

He also informed on the projected rate of commissioning new housing, measures to solve the problems of shareholders, the construction of CHP-3 and gas heating plants, the launch of pumping and filtering station for the production of drinking water, the design of six electrical substations and a large sewage treatment plant. 

In addition, akim told about plans to build and repair roads (30 projects), the launch of traffic on the bridge across the Esil River on Tauelsizdik Avenue, updating the bus fleet (400 units), the implementation of LRT project, as well as opening new schools in the framework of the national project "Comfortable School" (24 units) and medical centers (24 units), as well as other social infrastructure facilities. 

Alihan Smailov stressed the importance of preserving the high pace of housing construction in the capital and advanced development of engineering infrastructure. In this case he stressed the need to tighten control over compliance with approved norms and legislation as a whole. 

The Prime Minister added that more active measures were required to plant trees and sharply increase the number of new plantings each year. 

The Ministers of Industry and Infrastructural Development Marat Karabayev, of Ecology and Natural Resources Zulfiya Suleimenova and Deputy Minister of Energy Asset Magauov made detailed reports on the implementation of infrastructure projects, development of energy, heat, water and gas supply as well as elimination of illegal dumps at the meeting. 

Summing up the discussion, the Prime Minister instructed all state bodies to ensure high-quality execution of the tasks set by the Head of State in their area.

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