Fulfillment of President's Address. Kazakhstan begins to develop the Urban Planning Cod

Minister of Industry and Infrastructural Development Kairbek Uskenbayev reported at the Government session regarding the main mechanisms of fulfillment of the instructions given by the President in the Address to the people of Kazakhstan.

Speaking to the Head of Government, Uskenbayev briefly highlighted each of the instructions relating to the department.

Thus, first of all, the Minister of Industry said that in order to develop the Urban Development Code, the Ministry created a working group comprised of representatives of scientific institutions and the business community.

At the moment the level of digitalization of engineering networks is 64,7%. Within the framework of the Technological breakthrough due to digitalization, science and innovation national project, it is planned to digitize all engineering networks by 2024.

"There will be created a regulatory framework with the introduction of a single urban planning expertise of urban projects of all levels and the mandatory provision of data by subjects of natural monopolies on the free capacity and characteristics of engineering networks," Kairbek Uskenbayev said.

Within the framework of the deputy initiative there is a bill in the Majilis which stipulates the following norms:

  • strengthening the role of the House Councils in making decisions on the management and maintenance of the condominium facility;
  • defining the competence of local executive bodies to initiate the registration of a condominium facility;
  • introduction of new approaches to data collection and processing in the sphere of housing and communal services.

The corresponding draft conclusion of the Government is being approved by the Presidential Administration.

Development of residential buildings and infrastructure of cities is planned to be implemented within the framework of the standard of integrated development of territories. The use of the standard will solve the following problems:

- improving the quality of the urban environment;

- the transition of Kazakh cities to modern models of development;

- shaping the image of the city;

- preservation of its historic buildings with economically viable use in modern life.

The standards have been approved and came into force on September 1 this year. They are transferred to each local executive body.

In turn, local executive bodies must approve the architectural design in terms of districts and streets. Also on the basis of current urban planning documents should develop and approve the integrated design of the modern appearance of the cities with the use of small architectural forms and landscaping. In addition, local executive bodies should approve a phased plan for the implementation of integrated design.

To simplify legislation and procedures for attracting investment in the development of the subsoil the following measures are proposed:

First. To review the Code "On Subsoil and Subsoil Use" for obsolete, unworkable and excessively detailed norms.

Second. Re-engineering of business processes with regard to simplification and digitization.

Third. Automation of business processes on Kaz-Nedra platform. As early as this month the pilot project of Kaz-Nedra information system will enable receiving licenses for exploration of solid minerals. By the end of the year it is planned to automate other functions in the sphere of solid minerals.

"All business processes and regulatory requirements for investors will be reviewed and simplified taking into account digitalization," the Minister explained.

In order to improve the efficiency of Special Economic Zones, the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructural Development proposes to introduce the following new measures.

First. The introduction of a differentiated approach to the provision of benefits.

Benefits to participants of Special Economic Zones will be differentiated depending on the investments made according to the approach "the more investments - the more benefits".

Second. The introduction of the combined regime.

For projects on priority kinds of activity of Special Economic Zones we will provide privileges in the regime of Special Economic Zones, while the rest of those who are planning to implement projects outside priorities - only land with infrastructure, as in industrial zones, without exemption from customs and tax privileges.

Third. The possibility of redeeming a land plot.

The possibility of redemption of a land plot by participants of Special Economic Zones after all investment obligations are fulfilled in good faith, namely, commissioning of production facilities and their reaching a certain design capacity is currently being introduced. These amendments are planned to be introduced as part of the parliamentary initiative in the bill on individual orders of the Head of State.

In order to strengthen the transit potential of the country, taking into account the current geopolitical situation, it is planned to:

- develop a Concept for the development of transport and logistics potential of Kazakhstan until 2030;

- implement projects for construction and modernization of transport infrastructure;

- ensure the development of checkpoints on the state border with neighboring countries;

- update the rolling stock, taking into account the priority use of domestic products.

In accordance with the instructions of the Head of State the Concept will be developed by the end of this year.

Also, according to Kairbek Uskenbayev, within the framework of transformation of NC KTZ JSC into a national transport and logistics company it is proposed to cooperate with global transport and logistics companies with synchronization, elimination of bottlenecks and creation of a single digital corridor, which will provide seamless exchange of transportation documents, access to international markets. It is also planned to carry out digitalization of transport corridors together with PSA, create external terminal networks in the ports of Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey. In addition, state regulation in the operating activities of NC KTZ JSC will be strengthened through participation in the adoption of corporate decisions, tariff policy will be agreed and operational activities will be increased. There will also be created a national base of scientific applied developments for further development of the transport and logistics industry.

Implementation of these measures will be fixed in the Concept of development of transport and logistics potential of Kazakhstan until 2030.

In order to improve the quality of road construction will be:

  • personal responsibility of all participants of the construction process is strengthened;
  • the efficiency of planning and the quality of design and construction documents has been improved;
  • development of science and improvement of the regulatory framework;
  • scientific expertise, technical support of surveying and design solutions;
  • formation of electronic base of materials and new technologies;
  • control over the quality of roads was strengthened;
  • digitalization of the construction process;

All of these norms are stipulated in the draft law on transport, which is currently in the Majilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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