Fulfillment of President's Instructions: 7 separate codes to be developed in Kazakhstan

For timely and effective fulfillment of all the instructions of the Head of State Tokayev, given in the Address to the people of Kazakhstan "A Fair State. One Nation. Prosperous Society", first of all, it is necessary to carry out qualitative legislative work. The Minister of Justice Kanat Mussin reported on systemic measures taken in this direction during the Government session chaired by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Alikhan Smailov.

According to the Minister, over 30 actions will be implemented which include development and adoption of 7 separate codes and laws, amendments to more than 40 laws as well as adoption of 65 by-laws.

For all these documents the Ministry of Justice will be directly involved within the existing competence. As for the tasks directly assigned to the Ministry by the Head of State in his Address, according to the Minister, the following has been accomplished.

The President instructed the Ministry of Justice to be in charge of correcting criminal and criminal procedural legislation.

First, this will require legislative amendments to the Law "On the Bodies of Justice", the Criminal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure.

The work has already started and presumably these amendments will be adopted by the end of this year.

Second, it is necessary to take organizational measures to strengthen human resources and improve the quality of lawmaking.

"As for the revision of the Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure Code, this work is voluminous and will require the involvement of specialists, scientists and practitioners. We plan to complete it and develop a corresponding bill by August 2023 and submit it to Parliament by the end of 2023," Mussin reported.

The Head of State in his Address noted the need to expand the sphere of administrative justice in terms of transferring a wide range of administrative offences and civil law disputes with state bodies to the Code of Administrative Procedure, which will allow to make domestic justice humane and fair. In this regard, according to the minister, it is necessary to revise the laws on the possibility of transferring disputes and offenses to the sphere of administrative justice.

A corresponding bill is planned to be developed and submitted to Parliament by the end of 2023.

"The President has set the task of adopting measures aimed at resolving disputes between state bodies, referring to the different interpretation of the laws. In this regard, given that the Ministry of Justice provides legal support for the activities of the state, as well as an official explanation of the acts of the Government, it is proposed to assign the resolution of such disputes to the Ministry of Justice," Mussin said.

This will require amendments to the laws, the adoption of which the Ministry plans to ensure by the end of this year.

"All these tasks will be fulfilled by the Ministry qualitatively and on time," Mussin summarized

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