Fulfillment of President's Instructions. Ministry of Finance to continue further improvement of traceability of goods

The President of Kazakhstan Tokayev delivered his Address on the Sept. 1. "A Fair State. One nation. Prosperous society" which is the foundation the new Kazakhstan must be built. The way the commissions of the Head of State are planned to be executed, today during the meeting of the Government the members of the Cabinet discussed.

Vice Minister of Finance Yerzhan Birzhanov reported on the measures to be taken to solve the tasks announced by the President.

So, first of all, he said that prevention of violations will be provided by further improvement of the risk management system in fiscal and desk control, as well as in inspections.

It is also proposed to expand the application of RMS on unexecuted notices of cameral control and to assess the risks of VAT refund without inspection.

"Fictitious transactions will be stopped at the stage of their commission by online monitoring of electronic invoices," Birzhanov said.

Based on the data of government agencies and organizations, there are plans for a step-by-step automatic issuance of all notifications at the central level.

Work is underway to introduce the principle of due diligence for taxpayers to independently verify their counterparties, which will reduce the number of lawsuits. In addition, in order to avoid pressure on bona fide entrepreneurs, remote control will be introduced as a new form of interaction with the business community.

There are also plans to expand the use of horizontal monitoring based on remote interaction with large businesses.

"We will further improve the system of traceability of goods, within which it is planned to fully integrate tax and customs administration systems," Vice Minister of Finance explained .

By the end of 2023 the Integrated Tax Administration System and Integrated Database with further integration with Astana-1, E-window and new customs administration system will be put into trial operation.

Along with this, work is underway to provide proactive services. For this purpose, integration with mobile applications of second-tier banks is underway. The result should be simplification of the taxation system, including by transferring services to outsourcing and development of own services.

Yerzhan Birzhanov also said that this year, created the Main Dispatch Office by combining the Situation Center and the Center for electronic declaration on a one-stop-shop principle.

Modernization and technical upgrading of 9 road and one rail border crossing points located on the customs border of the EEU is being carried out. Integrated customs control will be carried out at the modernized checkpoints. Along with that, navigation seals will be widely used. This will exclude false transit. It is expected that the proposed measures will make it possible to update and accelerate the work of databases, simplify tax and customs administration and reduce the level of shadow economy.

In order to disseminate new budgeting practices of public participation in the management and control of public finances, relevant amendments will be introduced in the normative legal acts. This will make it possible to scale the people's participation budget to cities of regional importance and villages.

In turn, involving the population in the process of making budgetary decisions will produce the following result:

  • it will ensure the transparency of the process;
  • it will strengthen citizens' trust in the local government;
  • raising the awareness and financial literacy of the population;
  • it will provide joint responsibility for the quality and careful operation of infrastructure facilities.

The Ministry of Finance has developed a system of monitoring the measures of state support. A new methodology for evaluating efficiency has been approved, which will allow for a comparative analysis of entities that have received state support with those that are developing without state support.

A scoring tool will be implemented, the results of which are planned to be used in the provision of state support. It will allow a more efficient use of funds allocated for financial support to entrepreneurs. Thus the support will be given to those businessmen who have positive indices of paying taxes, increasing the number of work places or the wage fund.

"The most effective mechanism to control these funds is to ensure operational monitoring and control over the achievement of direct and final results. This will allow taking timely management decisions to prevent violations," Yerzhan Birzhanov said.

Analysis of law enforcement practice of the legislation on public procurement will be conducted taking into account the innovations introduced this year.

Based on the results of the analysis, the Ministry of Finance will begin to develop a new draft law on public procurement and implementation of an appropriate platform.

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