Fulfillment of President's Instructions: New rules for subsidies in agriculture to be introduced till 2022

At the Government session chaired by Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov, the issue of measures to implement the Address of the Head of State Tokayev to the people of Kazakhstan "A Fair State. One Nation. Prosperous Society" was discussed. Minister of Agriculture Yerbol Karashukeyev made a report on implementation of the President's instructions in the sphere of agriculture.

In his report the Head of the Ministry of Agriculture first of all told that in order to solve the problem of increasing production volumes and increasing added value of domestic agricultural products state stimulation and support measures are being adjusted.

"In the rules of subsidizing the obligatory norm on taking by agricultural producers of counter liabilities on stable increase of production volumes and supply of raw materials to processing enterprises is introduced. It is envisaged to expand the scope of state support for processing enterprises for the production of deep processing products, " Karashukeyev reported.

As for the issue of preparation of new long-term approaches to subsidizing of the industry, this work, according to the minister, is carried out in the framework of the earlier instructions of the Head of State. The development of new rules is at the final stage. It is currently being discussed within a specially created working group. It is planned to approve them by the end of this year in order to work according to new rules next year.

"The key points of the new rules of subsidizing are an increase of efficiency and effectiveness of allocated subsidies through the mechanisms of implementation of effective tools for monitoring the performance of counter obligations and their evaluation, the maximum exclusion of corruption risks and simplification of procedures for obtaining subsidies through digitalization," Karashukeyev said.

Regarding the task of technical and technological re-equipment of the industry, according to the minister, it is planned to further strengthen measures of state stimulation of investment inflow into agriculture, implementation into production of the results of scientific, scientific and technical activities, research and development activities.

As for the development of rural cooperation, the ministry submitted proposals to Parliament to expand the existing legal framework of cooperation and strengthen the state support of the cooperative movement. The Road Map on scaling of the accumulated best work experience in the whole country with consideration of the specific character of the regions has been worked out and approved to be implemented starting from next year.

As part of the tasks set to ensure transparency and efficiency of land allocation to entrepreneurs, a draft law "On amendments and additions to some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the digitization of public services in the unified state real estate cadastre" was developed and submitted to Parliament. It is also planned to integrate into a single database existing data on vacant land plots, real estate.

"As for the unification of disparate information on agriculture into a single digital platform, we have already started working in this direction. Together with the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovations and Aerospace Industry we developed and approved the appropriate roadmap," Karashukeyev reported.

Also, according to him, integration with the Ministry of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources on water resources is planned as soon as this information is ready.

On the basis of the subsidiary organization of the National Agrarian Scientific and Educational Center a single operator of digitalization in the agro-industrial complex, and the creation of a single profile cluster soil service and land cadastre in the Ministry of Agriculture on the basis of the Republican Scientific and Methodological Center of Agrochemical Service and Research Institute of Soil Science, as well as State Scientific Production Center of Land Resources and Land Management Ministry of Digital Development, Innovations and Aerospace Industry is also proposed.

"As for the land issue, about 2,9 million hectares of unused land have been returned to the state and by the end of this year it is planned to bring this figure to 5 million hectares. And by the end of 2023 specific decisions will be made on another 5 million hectares of unused and issued with violations of the law of agricultural land," Karashukeyev said.

However, according to him, to accomplish this voluminous work it is necessary to strengthen the Land Inspectorate by allocating additional 200 staff units. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the responsibility of rayon akims and oblast deputy akims in charge of land relations in case of improper performance of their functions of monitoring to identify unused land.

In general, according to the minister, the implementation of tasks set by the Head of State in his Address will be under special control of the Ministry.

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