G4 City Special Economic Zone created in Almaty region

By the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the period until 2048, a special economic zone "G4 City" with an area of 30 thousand hectares was created in the Almaty region. 

The special economic zone is located to the north of the city of Almaty along the 80-km highway A3 (Almaty - Konaev), and a special legal regime is established on its territory. It is expected that the new economic zone will provide a favorable climate for attracting domestic and foreign investments to create an integrated G4 City, which, in turn, will give a new impetus to the development of the entire region.

So, it is planned to attract about 3.7 trillion tenge investments, produce goods and services for more than 17 trillion tenge and create about 60 thousand working places within the special economic zone by 2048. In general, the new economic zone is expected to lead to the accelerated development of tourism, medical, transport and logistics, educational and cultural and leisure infrastructure in G4 City. The regime of the special economic zone will also reduce capital costs for the construction of facilities.

Recall that according to the concept of G4 City development, an integrated city will consist of four thematic areas: Gate City - business and financial center, Golden District - educational and medical hub, Growing District - innovation-industrial and trade and logistics zones, and Green District - a tourist cluster. It is assumed that in G4 City will live about 2.2 million people.

The Decree comes into force from the day of its signing.

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