Implementation of President instructions: Share of 5G technology to be increased to 75% in three cities in Kazakhstan by 2027

100% of public services for citizens and businesses are provided online. This was announced by the Minister of Digital Development and Aerospace Industry Bagdat Mussin at the Government session. 

Thus, today the eGovMobile application is used by 13 million people, more than 17 million services have been provided. 26 services are provided in proactive format.

For transition to the platform model the stage of transition to cloud technologies on creation of domestic platform QazTech will be realized.

As part of the social protection area, the Digital Family Map was launched in pilot mode. Currently, 6.5 million families are being monitored using 80 criteria. Next year, we plan to put it into commercial operation.

"In the direction of new digital opportunities, it is planned to provide all cities and district centres with broadband Internet. If to look at present situation on cellular communication, more than 3 thousand settlements are provided with 3G technology, 4G covers 1 628 settlements," the Minister of Digital Development said.

Copper cable connection accounts for 34% and optical cable connection for 26%. Taking into account the obsolete technology 3G copper cable in the world in Kazakhstan, they will be finally replaced by 2027.

Also 4G mobile technology will be increased by 100% and optical infrastructure by 90%. Also by 2027 the share of 5G technology will be increased to 75% in Astana, Almaty and Shymkent, and to 60% in regional centres.

The next important activity, according to Bagdat Musin, is to connect roads of national and regional importance to cellular communications and the Internet.

"Currently, only 25% of these roads have Internet. And mobile communication is 86%. By 2027, 100% of these roads will be covered by the Internet and mobile communications," the Head of the Ministry of Digital Development specified, adding that these activities will be conducted within the National Project "Affordable Internet", through funding granted to operators of tax preferences and their investments and expenditures of the national and local budgets

In sphere of information-communication technologies 25 thousands of workplaces will be created. The contribution of digital technologies to the annual growth of economic output will be brought up to 1%. That is, the contribution of ICT in the dynamics of economic growth in annual terms will increase from today's 0.3% to 1%.

The minister said that to achieve this, relocation of foreign companies to the country will be supported, as well as support for 3,000 IT professionals with vouchers and the opening of regional technology hubs in all cities.

Starting from 2023, a computer rental program will be approved for students from socially vulnerable families. Next year, 20,000 children will be provided with them.

In accordance with the Message of the Head of State, the JerInSpectr platform was launched on 1 July to monitor the effective use and return of agricultural land to the State through Kazakhstan Garysh Sapary. The platform is aimed at identifying violations in land use and taking action.

"In the future, the AGROSPACE platform for agricultural producers will be created to monitor the open and fair distribution of land returned to the state. AGROSPACE allows you to monitor the state of pastures on the basis of a personal account," Mussin said. 

A project management system will be introduced in 2023 to effectively monitor the Presidential Election Program.

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