Important for proper fulfillment of upcoming heating season — Alikhan Smailov checks Ridder CHPP readiness

As part of a working trip to East Kazakhstan region, Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov familiarized himself with the progress of repair and restoration work at the CHPP of Ridder.

As Deputy Akim of East Kazakhstan region Bakytzhan Bayakhmetov reported, today 2 out of 6 boilers of the station have already been launched. In the near future it is expected to launch another one, which will provide residents with heat in full. In parallel, repair and restoration work is being carried out on the remaining units and auxiliary equipment. He assured that the works are carried out in accordance with the approved schedule.

In general, today the repair of fuel oil pumping station, fuel supply path, communication transformers and turbine generator has been completed. In order to ensure the hydraulic regime on the heat networks, the works on restoration of power supply to the pumping stations have been completed. The roof of the boiler and turbine shops was repaired. The repair of railroad tracks, through which coal is supplied, is also at the stage of completion.

Prime Minister emphasized that almost the entire last heating season Ridder CHPP worked in emergency mode and often stopped, as a result of which the population did not receive heat in the proper volume.

"This was due to the fact that the previous owners did not invest money in modernization and improvement of the plant. All this led to the fact that the CHPP was in a very deplorable condition. We were forced to allocate 8.4 billion tenge from the republican budget. Akimat of the region on its part allocated about 500 million tenge. All this time repair works have been carried out relentlessly with this money. It is important that they were completed in time for the upcoming heating season to go properly. Day and night we need to keep an eye on it," Alikhan Smailov said.

He also instructed to speed up the process of transferring the CHPP into communal ownership.

At the facility Prime Minister was also informed about the readiness of the region for the heating season. Today the work on preparation of budget organizations (over 830 objects), residential houses (more than 3 thousand), engineering networks and boiler houses is almost completed. A similar process is nearing its final stage at CHPPs and hydroelectric power plants.

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