Interdepartmental Commission decision lifts restrictions on grain and flour exports, and sets quotas for livestock exports

At the regular session of the Interdepartmental Commission on Foreign Trade Policy and Participation in International Economic Organizations, held on Aug. 31, 2022, chaired by the Acting Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Minister of Trade and Integration Serik Zhumangarin, decisions were made to lift restrictions on the export of grain and flour and the establishment of quotas for the export of cattle and small ruminants. 

Kazakhstan is expected to have a good harvest of crops, according to the information of the Ministry of Agriculture, announced at the meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission. This year it is planned to harvest more than 13 million tons of wheat, which exceeds last year's harvest by 12%.  For domestic consumption requires about 6.5 million tons. As a result of comprehensive discussion of the expediency of removal of quantitative restrictions (quotas) for export of wheat and meslin, wheat flour with representatives of the interested state organs, the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs Atameken, Grain Union, Union of Grain Processors, the Head of the National Agriculture Movement Shopan-Ata, as well as on the basis of forecasting data of Ministry of Agriculture, it was decided to remove restrictions on export of grain and flour from September 10, 2022. This restriction was introduced by the order of the Ministry of Agriculture from July 8 to Sept. 30, 2022.

The Ministry of Agriculture was instructed to monitor the export of grain and to elaborate on further regulation of the export of grain and flour.

Also during the meeting the establishment of quantitative restrictions (quotas) on the export of cattle and small ruminants, with the exception of breeding stock, was approved.

According to statistics, the number of cattle on August 1, 2022 is 9.4 million heads, including 4.5 million cows, 3.2 million heads of livestock.

It was decided to set a quota for the export of steers in the amount of 60,000 head or 9% of the total herd, as well as 120,000 head of lambs or 10% of the total herd.

From Jan. 21 to July 21, 2022 there was a ban on the export of cattle and small ruminants.

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