Iran ready to provide land at Bandar Abbas port for construction of Kazakhstan terminal

During the working visit of the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Trade and Integration of Kazakhstan Serik Zhumangarin to the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Kazakhstani delegation visited Bandar Abbas port located on the Persian Gulf coast. 

It is one of the largest transhipment hubs in the region, with a capacity of 135 million tonnes per year, where transshipment is carried out from rail, road and sea transport. After visiting and inspecting the port's main transhipment facilities and storage terminal, Kazakhstani business representatives expressed an interest in establishing their own transhipment facilities on the Persian Gulf.

In turn, the Iranian side agreed to reserve 15 hectares of land for the construction of a dry terminal in the port of Bandar Abbas. A joint working group will be created with the Bandar Abbas port authority and representatives of the Kazakhstani business to study the issue. Its participants will also study the possibility of building silo towers to increase the volume of transhipment of Kazakh grain.

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