What documents necessary to apply for rental housing for young people

In an interview with PrimeMinister.kz, Chairman of the Committee on Youth and Family Affairs of the Ministry of Information and Social Development Madiyar Kozhakhmet spoke in more detail about the rules for the provision of rental housing without the right to purchase for working youth under 29 years old.

As noted by Kozhakhmet, annually in the next three years, 3 thousand rental apartments for working youth will be issued in Nur-Sultan, Almaty and Shymkent.

“The main purpose of issuing this housing is to support working youth in order to give them the opportunity to save up for their own housing. This measure does not imply support for socially vulnerable groups. The main task is to support working youth,” Kozhakhmet said.

In November 2019, the application process will start. Reception will be held in electronic format.

The chairman of the Committee on Youth and Family Affairs also listed the main criteria for obtaining this housing.

First, the applicant must work.

Second — the age of the applicant should not exceed 29 years.

Third — wages should be above 100 thousand tenge.

Fourth — the presence of a deposit account in any of the second-tier banks.

Fifth — lack of housing.

At the same time, Kozhakhmet drew attention to the most important criterion — the presence of a permanent job for the applicant.

“According to the law, working youth are all those who work — after school, after college, after high school. In this regard, there will be no special restrictions or advantages for those who have this or that education. The most important thing is that it works. That is, it can be served already from the age of 18, while the young man must work on a regular basis, with full-time employment,” said the chairman of the committee.

He also added that for 5 years a young man must work and must confirm every year that he works. If for some reason he quits and does not attempt to find a job, the question of eviction will be raised.

“If everything is clear by the four criteria, then the third criterion may raise the question of why wages should be higher than 100 thousand tenge. The calculation here was made on the basis that housing will be issued for a period of 5 years. Within 5 years, the cost of housing will be about 10 thousand tenge, plus housing services 20 thousand tenge. We assumed that in the region of 60 thousand tenge he would spend on his needs. He will save the rest of the difference from 20 to 30 thousand tenge every month. Then within 5 years it will be able to accumulate approximately 1.8 million tenge, not counting government premiums, interest on the deposit. This amount should be enough to purchase your own home. 2 million tenge is even enough under the 7-20-25 program to buy primary own housing,” Kozhakhmet explained.

If young people meet these five criteria, they can apply. Applicants will be required to submit the following documents to the Youth Policy Office:

  • Application.
  • A copy of identity card.
  • A copy of the diploma.
  • A copy of marriage certificate (if applicable).
  • A copy of the birth certificate of children (if applicable).
  • Certificate of lack of real estate for the applicant and family members.
  • A reference from the place of work.
  • Certificate of income for the last 6 months (income must be at least 40 MCI or 101 thousand tenge).
  • Documents confirming the seniority.
  • Certificate of availability of a bank deposit, and its number.
  • Statement of balance and cash flow in a bank account.
  • Documents on the personal achievements of the applicant (if applicable).

The package of documents must be checked within five business days. Another day is given if not all certificates are collected from the applicant. After the documents are submitted, from November in Nur Sultan, Almaty and Shymkent housing will be distributed. Akimats within 10 working days should calculate points and make a list of applicants. The more points, the higher the probability of getting an apartment.

  • “Housing is limited, most likely there will be more applicants. In order to set some selection criteria so that there is no misunderstanding, we set up a point system. The question was, whoever filed earlier, pretends more, but from our point of view, there is a certain injustice. Thus, not the most needy or not the most suitable can get this apartment. This approach is not entirely correct. We, together with state bodies, held a discussion of this order and decided that the focus will be primarily on the point system,” Kozhakhmet said.

What points are awarded for:

  • If your profession is included in the list of 100 required specialties, approved by the authorized body for employment in accordance with the Enbek state program — 10 points.
  • For being married — 5 points.
  • If you are employed as an individual entrepreneur for at least one year — 5 points, for each year — 1 point.
  • For each year in a registered marriage — 2 points.
  • If you have one child — 1 point, for each next — 2 points.
  • In the presence of personal achievements in various fields of activity — 2 points.
  • For work in state institutions and enterprises — 5 points, for each year of service — 1 point.
  • For each year of savings on deposits — 2 points.

Ceteris paribus, applicants who apply earlier will have an advantage.

After the decision is made in the akimat, an employment contract will be concluded within 15 calendar days. Apartments are provided for 5 years without the right of redemption.

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