Fire volunteering revived in Kazakhstan — Yuri Ilyin

At the government session chaired by the Prime Minister Askar Mamin, Minister of Emergency Situations Yuri Ilyin reported on the complex of fire safety measures taken in the country.

So, according to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, in Kazakhstan from the beginning of this year, 7,515 fires were registered, where 251 people died, 217 people received burns and poisoning of varying severity. Compared to the same period of 2020, with a decrease in the total number of fires by 7%, the number of dead increased by 20%, injured — by 18%. More than 4 thousand fires occurred in the residential sector, which is 58% of their total.

"For the purpose of conducting an objective analysis, the indicators of the fire danger of the regions are calculated taking into account the number of people living in the population and results indicate that the most difficult situation is developing in the North Kazakhstan, Akmola, East Kazakhstan and Kostanay regions, where the number of fires and dead people exceeds the average republican Indicators 2-3 times," Ilyin informed.

Ministry of Emergency Situations studied international experience in ensuring fire safety in the most developed countries of the world, the world fire station is analyzed. Scientific studies show that the death of a person in a fire occurs as a rule, after 5-6 minutes after its occurrence. If in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the death of people is registered on each 36th fire, then in the US, this figure is less than 10 times — one deceased in 360 fires, in the UK — 14 times, in France — 27 times.

According to the minister, to reduce the response time, the network of facilities of the fire service continues. The construction of 18 facilities of the fire service, of which 3 at the expense of the republican budget, 15 — at the expense of the local budget. In addition, there are another 9 ready-made projects for which the development of the design and estimate documentation is completed.

Organizational, which do not require costs are being implemented, the methods of reducing the time for an accented assistance to those in need of citizens in the event of a fire.

"From April 2021, in all divisions of the fire service in the processing systems of fires about fires made data on the place of residence of persons with disabilities, which allows you to automatically bring information about the presence of the most vulnerable categories of citizens at the facility. In total, the operational documents made data for 94 thousand people with disabilities," said the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

The active introduction of systems for "passive" protection of the population intended for early detection of fire, alerts of people and, accordingly, timely, their exit from hazardous areas is carried out.

Appropriate additions were developed in 8 regulations in the field of architecture and urban planning in terms of the obligation of equipment of all apartment buildings, regardless of the flood of fire automation, distinguishing the places of use of thermal and smoke detectors, as well as to equip gas analyzers of all gasified premises. On April 27, 2021, these changes were approved by the orders of the Construction and Housing Committee.

Yuri Ilyin also noted that a separate problematic issue of ensuring the safety of citizens is the prevention of emergency situations related to the use of household gas. Thus, since the beginning of the year, 51 incidents in which 88 people were injured, 16 of them had suffered from the gas consumer facilities.

To ensure the legal basis for the activities of gas-industrial inspections, appropriate amendments are made to the Law on Civil Protection, emphasizing employees of gas engineering inspections, competence on controlling organizations carrying out servicing gas consumption systems. The procedure is currently being carried out to approve the criteria for assessing the degree of risk and verification sheets in this area of ​​control.

Work continues on the legislative settlement of the issue of effective control over the operation of household gas cylinders.

"The situation is complicated by the fact that the population that uses old and overdue cylinders, violating security requirements, usually fill their cylinders on the nearest autogas stations," said the minister.

Today, organizational activities on the creation of housing (gas-industrial) inspections in cities and regions of the country are fully completed in the republic. At the same time, a number of akimates note the shortage of regular units and the lack of special knowledge from inspectors.

To solve this problem, on the basis of the Gabdullin Civil Protection Academy in September 2021, the ministry for the first time carried out online courses for more than 200 specialists of the akimates, carrying out the function of state control in the field of gas supply.

The work continues on increasing the level of fire culture among the population, among all age and social groups. Starting from Aug. 15, the divisions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations are carried out by the republican action of fire safety to clarify the population of fire safety requirements.

According to social protection bodies, more than 107 thousand residential buildings of socially vulnerable segments of the population have been completed, bypassing which is completed. Residents more than 2 thousand houses refused to conduct inspections and consultations. Repeated raids on residential buildings of this category of citizens will be implemented in November and December.

Almost 24 thousand residential buildings identified 56 thousand violations of fire safety requirement, of which more than 26 thousand to the end of this year are eliminated. Bypass are planned to cover more than 1.5 million individual residential buildings.

"During the summer period, 6,944 sensors of various spectrum have been installed in individual residential buildings. In total, over the past 3 years, more than 124 thousand autonomous sensors have been installed in residential buildings at the expense of akimates and sponsors, the work of which in previous heating periods allowed to save lives and health of 140 of our citizens," Ilyin stressed.

The most accessible way to bring to citizens fire safety requirements in everyday life remains large-scale campaigning and explanatory work. In order to improve the quality of propaganda by fire safety and emphasizing it in the most problematic areas of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, a centralized schedule for shares in the regions has been developed. So, starting from April to August in all regions, 7 large-scale shares were held at the emergency departments, 1,400 online lessons were organized, 1 thousand lectures, instructions. In the fourth quarter of this Another 3 mass shares are planned, "Safety in every house!", "Beware of carbon monoxide", "Safe New Year."

"Conducting effective fire and preventive work only by the forces of firefighters and rescuers is not enough. The Ministry of Emergency Situations in the current year initiated the issue of increasing the role of voluntary fire-prevention in the prevention of fires, the official status of public associations with registration in the Justice authorities 47 voluntary fire-fighting formations, which will allow the akimats to more actively attract them to the fulfillment of social and important tasks," said Yuri Ilyin .

The revival of fire volunteering will make it possible to form an effective reserve of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and Akimates, to fulfill the tasks to prevent and steam fires, especially in rural areas.

Also, according to the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in accordance with the instructions of the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, a comprehensive plan "Ensuring fire safety in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2021-2023" has been developed.

The integrated plan includes activities to develop and adopt regulatory and legal acts and regulatory and technical documentation in the field of fire safety, as well as questions about the introduction of fire safety control at all stages of design and construction, primarily a residential fund, improving outreach and preventive work. At the same time, issues of the development of gas services, the legislative settlement of gas sales issues in cylinders are included.

"This project of an integrated plan has been agreed with interested government agencies and akimats of all regions. At the same time, due to changes in the requirements for state planning documents, this integrated plan was reworked into a roadmap format, a procedure for his re-coordination is conducted," he said.

In the Kostanay region, fire safety assurances also approved the plan for measures to prevent fires in the field. This was reported by the Akim Arkhimed Mukhambetov.

So, according to him, this year the summer was abnormally hot, while the air temperature exceeded the average perennial values, as well as the absence of precipitation in the form of rain, contributed to the growth of fires.

"For 8 months of 2021, 706 fires were registered in the region, which is 4% lower than last year, were injured in varying severity of 6 people, this figure is lower than 33% of last year, 42 people were rescued, which is more than in the past year 2 times," said the head of the region.

343 fires occurred in the residential sector, which is less than last year by 8.8%, in other places — 174, this figure below last year's by 22.7%.

The main causes of fires, as noted by Akim, was careless handling of fire — 287, violation of the rules of the device and the operation of furnaces — 34, arsons — 16.

In the Kostanay region, special attention is paid to the logistical equipment of the emergency department. Over the past 3 years, over 1.2 billion tg is allocated. This year, 422.1 million tg was allocated, which is 15.6% more than 2020.

On the allocated funds in 2021 acquired:

  • vehicles — 9;
  • Means of communication — 15;
  • Respiratory protection means — 33 sets;
  • Rescue tool — 1 set.

The equipment of the material and technical base increased by 3%, from 58 to 61%.

In the area, preventive measures are carried out in a timely manner. Thus, on the territory of the Basaman Forestry, the regional fire and tactical teaching on extinguishing a conditioned forest-steppe fire was carried out. Similar teachings were carried out in all regions of the region.

"In order to prevent the death and injury to people in the heating period, more than 10 thousand families of socially vulnerable segments are visited. The locomotive bypass of the residential sector of settlements is held every day 66 thousand courtyards are visited, with coverage of 152 thousand people," Mukhambetov informed.

In the houses of large families, only 2020 was installed free of charge of 1.8 thousand carbon monoxide sensors. Thanks to the installed alarms in two large families, it was possible to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

On regional, city television channels and LED screens, videos on fireproof themes are broadcast. Since the beginning of the heating period, 815 demonstrations were held, 30 billboards and banners were established. On social networks, messengers, 2,3 thousand information materials are located on official sites. On loud-speaking communication at facilities with a mass stay of people, 2.8 thousand speeches were held, distributed to the population more than 142 thousand memos.

According to Akim of Pavlodar region Abylkiair Skakov, since the beginning of the year, 514 fires occurred in the region, of which: 307 in the residential sector, 113 natural, 77 cases on vehicles, 17 at the facilities of enterprises and organizations. Material damage amounted to 135.9 million tenge, 14 people died, injured 12, incl. from carbon monoxide — 9 people.

The number of fires in comparison with the same period last year decreased by 22.4%.

The material and technical equipment of emergency divisions consists of 176 fire and rescue equipments, of which: 145 fire engines, 31 pieces of operational rescue equipment.

This year the roadmap "On the material and technical equipment of the territorial units and departmental government agencies of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan on 2021-2023" was approved, within the local budget for the acquisition of material and technical means 1, 04 billion tenge. This year, 539 million tenge are already directed from the specified amount. This will allow by the end of the year to update the park with a new specialized technique in the amount of 8 units.

"An integral part of measures in the field of fire prevention, the death and injury of the population is agitation and preventive work among the inhabitants of the region. During the reporting period, 82 thousand supported bypass of the residential sector were conducted, more than 173 thousand people were trained in fire safety measures. 583 gatherings with residents were organized and conducted, during which about 13 thousand people were trained," said the akim of the region.

Special attention is paid to the socially vulnerable segments of the population. 2,462 raids were held, trained rules for fire safety about 8 thousand people.

Since the beginning of the year, 1,338 materials on fireproof topics were published in the media.

Special attention is paid to objects of education. 6 interactive lessons with students were held, the number of students amounted to more than 6 thousand people. In fire structures of cities and districts, 25 excursions were organized for students for students of different categories with 402 people's coverage.

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