Kazakhstan’s catering enterprises to be provided with sugar

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan held a meeting with representatives of the Public Catering Association, wherethey discussed the provision of businesses with the necessary amount of sugar.

The meeting was attended by Vice Minister of Agriculture Zhenis Oserbay, Chairman of theTrade Committee of the Ministry of Trade and Integration Yerzhan Kazanbayev, Advisor to the Chairman of the Public Catering Association Veronika Nurpeisova and representatives of the Akimat of Nur-Sultan.

Previously, the Association declared about the possible dissolution of public catering companies due to the difficulties with sugar supply.

So, according to the results of the discussions, it was decided to additionally support small and medium-sized businesses and cover the needs of catering facilities in the industrial sugar.

In the course of today, the sugar needs for catering facilities will be determined in order to organize the supply on a priority basis.

In the first stage, more than one thousand tons of sugar will be delivered to the three most populated regions.

"The Ministry of Agriculture will send additional supplies to the cities of Nur-Sultan, Almaty and Shymkent, where small businesses will be able to take the required amount of sugar. Also, the Association will provide lists and calculations of needs for other cities. At the same time, the Association and Akimats will develop an algorithm for the provision of this sugar," said Vice Minister of Agriculture Zhenis Oserbay concluding the meeting.

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