Government delegation headed by Deputy Prime Minister Yeraly Tugzhanov visits Zhambyl region

During his trip, the Deputy Prime Minister Yeraly Tugzhanov got acquainted with the pace of restoration work and provision of assistance to the residents of the Baizak district affected by explosions in military warehouses.

The Deputy Prime Minister inspected the progress of the restoration work, which involved 185 people and 23 units of special equipment. The repair of 62 private buildings has already been completed.

Pit works have begun for the construction of a new school in the village of Zhibek Zholy for 150 places. At the same time, schools in the villages of Ushbulak and Bazarbay were restored at the expense of sponsorship funds.

In Taraz Tugzhanov visited Super Pharm LLP. Akim of Zhambyl region Berdibek Saparbayev noted that the volume of pharmaceutical production is increasing in the region. The plant produces 60 thousand medical masks per day, and 15 million medical devices per year.

One of the major projects in the region is also the pharmaceutical production complex Amir and D LLP. The plant will produce 15 million express tests per year, including for coronavirus, hepatitis A, B, C, as well as 1.5 million control solutions and other medical products.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan also visited the confectionery factory of Saule LLP and got acquainted with the construction progress of the regional oncological dispensary. At the moment, the interior decoration of the oncology center is 90% complete, and the exterior is 95% complete. The dispensary will be equipped with technical equipment that meets international standards.

Tugzhanov also visited the Arai-Elite gymnasium, built with private investment. The school is attended by 1,400 children free of charge. Students study advanced mathematics and English.

During his visit to the historical and ethnocultural complex Kone Taraz, the Deputy Prime Minister noted that the architecture of Taraz has undergone dramatic changes. Several objects were built on the territory of the complex in the same style: an open-air amphitheater, an art gallery, a regional history and local history museum, the Rukhaniyat Zhane Tarikhtanu center named after Sherkhan Murtaza, gallery of craftsmen and artisans, tourism center, exhibition pavilion.

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