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Machine-building industry of Kazakhstan shows stable growth of 120.6% — Beibut Atamkulov

Wednesday, 12 May 2021, 13:42:20

At the government session chaired by the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Askar Mamin, the results of the socio-economic development of the Republic of Kazakhstan and implementation of the republican budget for January-April 2021 were considered. Minister of Finance Yerulan Zhamaubayev and Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development Beibut Atamkulov made reports on the directions of development.

In his speech, Zhamaubayev informed that following the results of four months, the state budget received revenues in the amount of 3 trillion 217 billion tenge, or the plan was fulfilled by 117.1%.

The republican budget received revenues in the amount of 1 trillion 909 billion tenge or the plan was fulfilled by 106.7%.

The income plan was exceeded by 120 billion tenge, of which taxes — by 88 billion tenge.

The overfulfillment was mainly ensured by VAT on imports, ETP for oil and CIT.

The overfulfillment of the plan for VAT on imports is associated with an increase in imports from third countries by 9.4% compared to the 1st quarter of last year.

At the same time, imports from China for the first quarter of this year increased by 47.4% or $525 million, including in March 2021, by 2.2 times or by $348 million.

For the ETP for crude oil, the overfulfillment is due to an increase in the ETP rate.

“The main reason for the overfulfillment of CIT is the effect of the low base of the last year, associated with the negative impact on the economy of the outbreak of the pandemic. In this year the gradual revival of economic activity in the world was reflected in the increase in prices for the main export goods by an average of 32.5%,” Zhamaubayev noted.

This led to an increase in the amounts of declared advance payments by 11% or 47.7 billion tenge.

Local budget revenues were executed by 136.7% and amounted to 1 trillion 308 billion tenge. The plan was overfulfilled by 351 billion tenge, of which 319 billion tenge in taxes.

In all regions, income targets have been exceeded.

As for expenditures, the figures are 99.1%, the republican — by 99.6%, local budgets — by 98.7%.

Compared to the same period last year, the percentage of execution at all levels of budgets is higher.

Under the republican budget, expenses were made in the amount of 4.8 trillion tenge. Non-fulfillment amounted to 20 billion tenge, of which 7 billion tenge is savings. Not utilized — 13 billion tenge.

Local budget expenditures amounted to 2.1 trillion tenge. Not executed — 28 billion tenge.

This year, the regions are provided with targeted transfers in the amount of 1.9 trillion tenge. As of May 1, they were allocated 456 billion tenge. Of these, 98.9% were mastered. Not executed — 5 billion tenge, including savings — 1 billion tenge, not mastered — 4 billion tenge.

In the field of governmental audit for 4 months of this year cameral control covered 395 thousand public procurement procedures in the amount of 3.5 trillion tenge.

Based on the results of inspections, violations were found in 11,587 procedures.

The state audit executed 10,933 notifications on elimination of violations. 1,124 audit activities were carried out. In general, the audit covered 604 billion tenge of budgetary funds. Violations of 44 billion tenge were eliminated by restoring the supply of goods, providing services and performing work, reimbursing to the budget and reflecting on accounting. To improve and increase the efficiency of the audit objects, 947 recommendations were given.

In the field of state assets management, the comprehensive privatization plan for 2021-2025 provides for the implementation of 673 objects.

During the reporting period, 22 objects were sold and transferred to trust management with the right of subsequent redemption in the amount of 16.6 billion tenge.

  • 20 objects are on sale.
  • 5 objects are directed for liquidation.
  • 626 objects are to be implemented.

Minister Beibut Atamkulov, in turn, noted that following the results of 4 months of this year, in all sectors of the manufacturing industry, there is a positive development trend with a cumulative rate of 107.7%.

The mechanical engineering industry shows a steady growth of 120.6% due to the production of vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers, machinery and equipment, the production of other vehicles, computers, electronic and optical equipment, electrical equipment, repair and installation.

The positive dynamics is observed in non-ferrous metallurgy. The growth was 3%. The volumes of refined gold, refined silver, gold bullion, cathode copper have been increased.

In ferrous metallurgy, the IFO amounted to 102.7%. Increase in the production of pig iron, carbon steel and ferrosilicomanganese.

In the pharmaceutical industry, production increased by 26.2%.

Basically, as the minister noted, growth here occurred due to an increase in demand among the population for medicines and medical products.

In light industry, the growth was 4.9% due to an increase in the production of clothing and leather products.

“Increased demand for disinfectants and mineral fertilizers has boosted the production of the chemical industry. The growth amounted to 11.2%,’’ noted Atamkulov.

The production of building materials amounted to 126.5% due to an increase in the production of thermal insulation materials (2.5 times), Portland cement, gypsum, bricks and mortars.

In transport for the reporting period, the IFO amounted to 91%. The positive dynamics remains in transit container traffic in the amount of 337.5 thousand TEU (twenty-foot equivalent), an increase of 52%. The volume of freight traffic by all modes of transport amounted to 1.07 billion tons, or 97.8% of the same period of the previous year.

The volume index for construction for the first four months of 2021 amounted to 112.5%. Positive dynamics is observed in 16 regions, with the exception of West Kazakhstan region (88.1%).

Housing construction for January-April of this year put into operation 3,528 thousand sq. meters of housing.

This is 113.3% over the same period in 2020.

“To date, more than 28,874 housing units have been commissioned in the republic,” Atamkulov informed.

An increase in the volume of housing commissioning in comparison with last year is noted in 15 regions, with the exception of Almaty and Pavlodar regions.

“This year we will ensure the construction of 17 million square meters of housing,” Atamkulov assured.

In general, according to the results of the measures taken, by the end of the year, as the minister noted, it is planned to achieve all planned values ​​for the supervised industries.

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