Mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology classes to be increased in accordance with Head of State's instructions

At the Government session, chaired by Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov, the issue of measures to implement the Address of the Head of State Tokayev to the people of Kazakhstan "A Fair State. One Nation. Prosperous society". The Minister of Education of Kazakhstan, Askhat Aimagambetov, made a report on the topic.

The Ministry has done concrete work to implement the instructions of the Head of State, Aimagambetov said in his report.

"First. Regarding pre-school education and training the President instructed to take effective measures to increase salaries and reduce work load of teachers. Today, there are 25 children per one teacher in pre-school organizations. The average salary is 147,000. This is lower than the average salary in the country. If to count up from number of children in the queue, then coverage of children of 2-6 years makes 88%, coverage of children of 3-6 years makes 98% from total number of children to 57.68%," the Minister of Education Askhat Aimagambetov informed during his report.

In this regard, in the framework of the President's instructions, a new system of certification of teachers of preschool institutions will be introduced and their salaries will be increased.

Second. The Head of State gave an instruction to implement the Comfortable School national project. The Ministry would provide over 800 thousand places for pupils, which would solve the problem of three-shift and emergency schools.

According to the Minister, under the Comfortable School project there will be a single standard of construction and equipment.

Schools opening as part of the project will be fully equipped with modern subject classrooms. The new schools will have larger classrooms. Separate blocks are also envisaged for elementary and high schools. Accordingly, they will be provided with separate gymnasiums and canteens, the minister assured at the Government session.

"The construction of schools will start next year in an amount that has never been before. For instance, next year we plan to start building of 20 new schools only in our capital within the framework of this project each of which will be for 2 thousand places," Askhat Aimagambetov said.

Also, Head of the Ministry informed that in accordance with instruction of the President, children living in socially vulnerable families will be provided with school uniform free of charge. An education account will be introduced, which includes funds allocated from the budget for the education of children.

"Third. The president has instructed that priority be given to subjects in the natural-mathematical cycle and language arts. There will be increased hours of subjects in math, physics, chemistry, biology. Curricula will be updated. Measures will be taken to increase the number of hours of learning English in Grade 3 in accordance with international practice from 2024 and to ensure the learning load required for mastering the Kazakh and Russian languages," Aimagambetov underlined in the report.

Fourth. With regard to training in accordance with the requirements of the labor market, the Minister of Education said the following.

To improve the quality of training, from this year the colleges will have academic independence. 4,000 educational programs have been updated.

"The state order is formed taking into account the real need in the region. In accordance with the order of the President, together with the akimats of the regions we began to introduce targeted training at the request of businesses," said the Minister of Education.

Also, according to the Minister, by the end of this year the Accreditation standard for pedagogical universities and the framework of teacher's competence professional standard  will be developed and introduced.

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