Measures to improve republican highway conditions discussed in Government

Measures to develop the road network and transport infrastructure were discussed at the meeting chaired by Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov.

It was noted that in order to reduce the burden on the state budget and improve the quality of roads of national importance is being implemented a project to introduce tolling on a number of highways with heavy traffic.

Within the first phase, about 100 control points, equipped with cameras, lidars, antennas and other devices, were set on the roads with the length of 5,500 km. In particular, tolling has been introduced on 1,500 km stretches of category I since Nov 2021. This makes it possible to ensure maintenance of the roadway, improve traffic safety and develop the accompanying infrastructure.

Following the results of the meeting it was decided to continue the work on launching the tolling system for trucks on the 1st stage sections. First of all, this will affect transit traffic crossing the territory of Kazakhstan. 

The Prime Minister stressed that special attention in upgrading the road network should be paid to strengthening video control and improving safety for drivers and passengers.

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