Interdepartmental Commission decides to strengthen quarantine measures in several cities of Kazakhstan

Today Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Yeraly Tugzhanov chaired a meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission on Preventing the Spread of Coronavirus Infection in Kazakhstan.

After hearing the report of the Minister of Health and the leadership of the cities of Nur-Sultan, Almaty, Shymkent, Karaganda, Atyrau regions on the epidemiological situation in the regions, the Deputy Prime Minister ordered to take measures to fully and uninterruptedly provide medical organizations and the population with the necessary medicines and medical products.

The Interdepartmental Commission decided to strengthen quarantine measures in the cities of Nur-Sultan, Almaty, Shymkent, Atyrau, Karaganda, which account for 65% of the daily morbidity and 55% of the daily mortality in the country.

In these cities from Aug. 2, 2021, the following restrictive measures will come into force:

  • suspension of the activities of all enterprises and organizations not participating in the Ashyq project, with the exception of central government agencies, akimats, law enforcement agencies, healthcare organizations, media, grocery stores, pharmacies and life support organizations;
  • ban on holding spectacular, sports, family, commemorative and other mass events;
  • transfer to remote work of 80% of employees of government agencies, offices, national companies and other organizations (except for those vaccinated and recovered within the last 3 months).

Also, the Interdepartmental Commission recommended the akimats of Akmola, Almaty, Karaganda regions to take measures to strengthen quarantine measures in the border areas with the cities of Nur-Sultan (Burabay, Tselinograd, Arshalin districts), Almaty (Karasay, Talgar, Ili, Enbekshikazak districts), Shymkent (Sairam, Tole Bi districts), Karaganda (Temirtau, Shakhtinsk, Abay).

The regional akimats were instructed to take all measures to introduce restrictions and monitor their observance.

The Deputy Prime Minister noted the importance of the work of monitoring groups in the fight against the spread of coronavirus infection and noted the low activity in this direction in all regions. Thus, the maximum decrease in the coverage of SMEs by raids is observed in Aktobe, Mangystau, North Kazakhstan, Zhambyl, Kyzylorda, Akmola, Atyrau regions, as well as in the cities of Almaty and Shymkent. A decrease in the number of detected violations is noted in Mangystau, Pavlodar, Almaty, North Kazakhstan and Aktobe regions.

Tugzhanov instructed to activate the work of monitoring groups in all regions.

The Deputy Prime Minister also noted the low rates of vaccination in some regions of the country. For example, in the Mangystau region, only 25.6% of the population is vaccinated with the 1st component, which is more than 2 times lower than the average value for the republic (52.4%). Indicators of 6 regions (West Kazakhstan region, Aktobe, Kostanay, Karaganda, Zhambyl, Pavlodar regions) significantly lag behind the national average.

According to the decree of the chief state sanitary doctor dated July 14, 2021, No. 32, until Aug. 10, 2021, all service workers must receive the first component of the COVID-19 vaccine.

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