Intergovernmental Commission considers issues of strengthening quarantine enforcement

Today at a meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission on Preventing the Spread of the Coronavirus chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister Yeraly Tugzhanov, issues were discussed to strengthen control over compliance with the prescribed quarantine regime by the country's population.

“In several regions there is an increase in the incidence rate, which is primarily due to non-compliance with quarantine measures. Pursuant to the instructions of the Head of State, the regions need to tighten control over compliance with sanitary and epidemiological requirements and take the necessary measures to reach the compliance with them both by citizens and organizations, enterprises, and business entities,” said Tugzhanov.

Akimats of the regions and state bodies are instructed to:

  • reduce the level of social contacts in labor collectives (involve no more than 50% of employees);
  • organize control over the wearing of masks during the working day with the condition of their timely change;
  • provide conditions for maintaining social distance;
  • provide control over the loading of public transport only by the number of seats, the admission of passengers to the cabin only in masks;
  • strengthen disinfection measures with the participation of defense and internal affairs employees in public places, at enterprises, organizations and facilities.

The execution of these instructions will be monitored by the government on an ongoing basis.

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