Migration Policy Concept 2023-2027 approved by Kazakhstan Government

The draft Concept of Migration Policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2023-2027 was considered at the Government session chaired by Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov. 

According to Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Population Tamara Duisenova, the Concept "Ashyk Kazakhstan 500+" is aimed at stimulating the inflow of qualified personnel into the country, protecting the rights of Kazakhstanis working abroad, eliminating demographic imbalances between regions of the country and in general "reloading" migration policy.  

In particular, within the framework of educational immigration, it is planned to introduce a simplified procedure for issuing a ten-year 'scientific-pedagogical visa' with the right to obtain a residence permit, and within the framework of business immigration, a special 'investor visa' with a residence permit and the right to register a business, own property, hire personnel, make financial payments and freely conduct any operations arising from entrepreneurial activity.

In addition, measures are envisaged to attract the best foreign specialists in scarce professions to the country, as well as to improve the mechanisms for regulating the migration of incoming Kandaks.

Minister of Internal Affairs Marat Akhmetzhanov also made a presentation on the topic.

The Prime Minister noted that the presented Concept is designed to better regulate migration processes. At the same time it takes into account demographic, economic and socio-cultural priorities. 

To further attract highly qualified specialists, investments and modern technologies to Kazakhstan's economy new types of visas for leading scientists, teachers, holders of scarce and creative professions are to be introduced. 

Requirements for potential investors have been revised, he said. For example, major investors will be granted investor visas with a 10-year residence permit for the implementation of innovative business projects. In addition, measures are envisaged to stimulate internal relocation of citizens to regions with a shortage of workers by providing housing, social infrastructure and jobs.

As another important direction in the new Concept, the work to protect the rights of Kazakh nationals working abroad is outlined.

"Our fellow citizens will be provided with legal and advisory assistance. For this purpose bilateral agreements will be concluded with the countries with the largest number of Kazakh workers. We must be able to protect our citizens, even if they work outside Kazakhstan," the Prime Minister said. 

He also added that the Concept provides for the creation of a unified information system of migrant movements based on a 'single window' principle, which will allow for digital identification of migrants and, if necessary, control of their movement.

Following the voting procedure of the presented Concept, Alikhan Smailov instructed to ensure the timely legislative fixation of new initiatives and to take measures on the development of information systems for the automation of migration processes.

The Prime Minister also stressed that regional akimats, when forming quotas for foreign specialists, should ensure the stay of scarce personnel and strengthen control over their labour activities.

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