Minister of Trade and Integration Zhumangarin meets with residents and business representatives of Almaty region

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Trade and Integration of Kazakhstan Serik Zhumangarin met with entrepreneurs engaged in food production, inspected the work of facilities, and held meetings with residents of the region as a part of his working visit to the Almaty region.

First of all, Deputy Prime Minister visited Unifruit company, which is engaged in intensive horticulture in Baltabay village of Yenbekshikazakh district. The fruit gardens of the company are located on an area of 100 hectares. The enterprise has been operating since 2017, provides 65 people with permanent jobs and another 150 with seasonal work. It actively introduces new technologies, in particular blast chilling of vegetables.

The Issyk cannery in Kaynar village processes agricultural products and produces tomato concentrate, apple and apricot puree. Production capacity is about 600 tons of tomatoes and up to 300 tons of other raw fruit and vegetables.

Also among the production sites visited by Serik Jumangarin was ADAL sut dairy plant. The plant, equipped with modern technology, produces 150 tons of dairy products per day and provides jobs for more than 600 people.

Within the framework of the meeting with the managers of the production enterprises, Zhumangarin reviewed the problematic issues and proposals for further development. Some need to solve delays in connection to the gas supply, while others need state support to enter new facilities and markets. Deputy Prime Minister promised to look into all the issues and help resolve them.

Also, Minister of Trade and Integration met with the residents of the region and held a personal reception of citizens during the working visit. Zhumangarin informed citizens about the measures taken to stabilize prices for socially important food products, as well as about the opportunities to support entrepreneurs through the Business Road Map.

"At the moment agreements have been reached with Kazakhstani sugar factories, which will be allocated working capital to purchase the necessary volume of raw materials. This will allow to fix sugar selling prices at 460 tenge. The largest producers of Pavlodar, Karaganda, Kostanay and Zhambyl regions will be allocated working capital up to 4 billion tenge, which will also provide the market with the necessary amount of vegetable products at a fixed price," Serik Zhumangarin said.

Among those who came to the meeting were also entrepreneurs. Thus, the owner of a peasant farm complained that the Kazakh Research Institute of Potato and Vegetable Growing did not share the results of research on obtaining new varieties of potato seeds, there was no feedback between the farmers and the Institute. Representatives of the research institute promised to provide farmers with new varieties of potato seeds.

Also, the participants of the meeting raised issues related to toll roads, infrastructure of district hospitals, support for exports, etc. Minister of Trade and Integration Serik Zhumangarin and regional Akim Marat Sultangaziyev gave explanations on all issues, as well as instructions to relevant structures in their resolution.

In addition, during the working visit Zhumangarin met with the journalists and answered questions related to the work of the Ministry.

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